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Street Food in Thailand - NIGHT MARKET Thai Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand!


Street Food in Thailand - NIGHT MARKET Thai Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

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One of the top things to do in Chiang Mai is walk around and eat through one of the many Chiang Mai night markets - I think Chiang Mai might be the capital of night markets in the world. There’s a night market for every day of the week and some of them stretch longer than you can see.

At night markets in Chiang Mai you’ll find a huge selection of things to buy, from clothes and antiques to even entertainment like music and Thai massage. But for food lovers, the best thing about visiting any Thai night market is the food.

On Sunday night in Chiang Mai the most popular night market is Tha Pae Walking Street (ตลาดท่าแพ) - it really is an entire street that shuts down for a couple of kilometers, and the entire street is filled with things to look at, buy, and eat. Most of the food is set up in designated area, especially in the small courtyards of temples.

In this Thai street food tour of Chiang Mai, the plan was just to walk around and see what looked good to eat.

Here’s what we ate:

Sai krok Isaan (ไส้กรอกอีสาน), Sai ua (ไส้อั่ว) - This impressive cart was filled with different varieties of Thai sausage, both Isaan style sausage, and Northern Thai herb sausage.
Total price - 30 THB ($0.91)

Pork meatballs (ลูกชิ้นหมู) - I’m usually not a huge fan, but these 100% pork meatballs were pretty tasty.
Price - 40 THB ($1.21)

Pork ham (หมูยอ) - After meeting up with my friends Tom, Joel, and JJ, they had already been snacking on some moo yaw, a Vietnamese style ham sausage.

Grilled egg (ไข่ป่าม) - This is a unique Northern Thai food, of grilled egg.
Price - 30 THB ($0.91)

Sticky rice (ข้าวหนุกงา) - One of the Thai snacks I had never tried before were sticky rice patties. They were interesting and quite tasty.
Price - 20 THB ($0.61)

Pork ribs (ซี่โครงหมู), Crab egg custard (อ่องปู) - We saw the ribs being grilled and couldn't’t resist. They were alright, but the paddy crab egg custard was more unique.
Price - 180 THB ($5.46)

Durian (ทุเรียน) - Finally, although a little overpriced, and not season, we couldn’t resist a little nugget of durian to end this Chiang Mai night market Thai food tour.
Price - 200 THB ($6.06)

Featuring Tom from Chaseki Tea ( and Joel (


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THAI FOOD HEAVEN in Chiang Mai, Thailand! What you SHOULD be eating in Thailand.


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Location 1 - Khaosoi  maesai restaurant
Food name :
1. Northern thai noodle curry soup with chicken ( Khao soi Gai)  45 baht
2. Pork satay (Moo satay)  80baht
Total price 125 baht

Location  2 - Kai yang wichian buri
Food name :
1. Grilled chicken ( Kai yang)  150 baht
2. Grilled chicken intestine ( Sai Kai yang)  20 baht
3. Grilled  chicken gizzard  ( Kuen Kai yang  ) 20 baht
4. Papaya salad with fermented fish and pickle crab  (Som tum  pu plara) 30 baht
5. Sticky  rice ( khao niew)  10 baht
Total price  230

Location 3 - Thai ice tea
Food name :
1. Thai ice tea ( Cha yen)  25 baht
Total price 25 baht

Location 4  Kuay jab Fahthanee
Food name :
1. Chinese roll noodle  ( Kuay  jab) 50 baht
Total price 50 baht

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I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.


Hello everyone! VOTES are in and we are off to check out some STREET FOOD in CHIANG MAI THAILAND! We went to the Langmor street market just south of the Chiang Mai University! It was a spectacular line up of everything from SWEET TO SAVORY!

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STREET FOOD Heaven in Thailand | Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market

Come explore the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market located at The Pae Sunday walking street in Chiang Mai's Old City, there were plenty of great street food options as well as clothing and arts & crafts stores. The market is possibly the biggest in Thailand and a must-visit for anyone visiting Chiang Mai in 2023

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Epic Thai Street Food Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Ultimate Guide ????????

Up in the lush landscapes of northern Thailand is Chiang Mai– a city famous for its abundance of ancient temples, but also, one of the best places in the world to eat street food. Today, we’re hitting up the streets to see if we can get a little taste of the local cuisine at some family-owned spots and a bustling night market. Join us for an epic Thai food tour and discover the very best of the Chiang Mai’s cheap, yet irresistible, street food! ????????

We did our Thai food tour on our own, but here’s a food tour in Chiang Mai that’s done with a local guide:

All the Thai foods we tried in Chiang Mai:
0:00 Intro
???? 01:28 Khao Soi - 50 Thai Baht ($1.42)
???? 02:44 Pad Thai - 50 Thai Baht ($1.42)
???? 03:36 Pad See Ew - 50 Thai Baht ($1.42)
???? 04:54 Thai Tea - 20 Thai Baht ($0.57)
???? 08:48 Chicken Heart Skewer - 12 Thai Baht ($0.34)
???? 10:19 3 Meat and Veggie Skewers - 30 Thai Baht ($0.85)
???? 10:57 Chang Beer - 39 Thai Baht ($1.11)
???? 11:10 Probiotic Yogurt Drink - 10 Thai Baht ($11.08)
???? 13:55 Mango Sticky Rice - 60 Thai Baht ($1.71)
???? 15:05 Khanom Krok - 20 Thai Baht ($0.57)
???? 15:45 Fresh Coconut Shake - 20 Thai Baht ($0.57)
???? 16:26 Laab Kua - 50 Thai Baht ($1.42)
???? 17:12 Som Tam - 40 Thai Baht ($1.14)
18:02 Outro

Follow along to see where we head next. ????


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What We Found While Trying Street Food in Thailand ????????(Chiang Mai Night Market)



BUDDYMOON DAY 524/1000 (VLOG 144)

Northern Thailand street food is always spoken of as one of the best. Seeing that we are in Chiang Mai, one of northern Thailands best cities, we had to go out into the streets and try some street food.

Chiang mai has a night market, so that's where we headed to try some of the food. We also wanted to see what the night market looks like and why it's so popular here in Chiang Mai.


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Thailand's ULTIMATE Street Food Tour - Night market in Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai is the hub of night markets filled with the most delicious and authentic Thai food! Immersed with culture and flavour you can truly eat your heart out!

In this video we take you 20 minutes away from the city centre to Kad Farang Village, known to be an area where many expats reside. You will find the likes of Mcdonald’s and Dunkin’ donuts and the “elite” supermarkets. However every Saturday and Sunday, the night market takes over and you will find many Thais and foreigners getting their fix!

We explore the night market and try out some unique street food from the likes of deep fried snacks to delicious coconut pancakes!
You can find anything your heart desires, from local Thai cuisine to sushi to ghost pepper Korean ramen! Literally ANYTHING you can think of for as little as 50 baht ($1.50)

Snacks we tried:
Gyoza - 70 baht ($2.11)
Deep fried corn fritter (Tod Man Khao Pod) and Taro - 50 baht ($1.50)
Deep fried fish cakes (Tod Man Pla) - 50 baht ($1.50)
Coconut Pancake (Kanom Ba Bin Marrow) - 20 baht (0.60)
Soy Bean Dessert (Kanom Wan Thai) - 20 baht (0.60)

Would you try any of these delicious foods? Drop us a comment below!

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THE FOOD IN CHIANG MAI SURPRISED US! (Night Markets & Street Food) ????????

THE FOOD IN CHIANG MAI SURPRISED US! (Night Markets & Street Food) ????????
In this Thailand travel vlog, we're exploring 3 of the best Old City Chiang Mai night markets and searching for some amazing Thailand street food. To be honest, here, the street food in Chaing Mai really surprised us! Come along and see where our Thailand itinerary takes us on the quest for great food.

#chiangmai #thailandtravelvlog #thailandstreetfood

In this video, we head to Wua Lai Walking Street (The Chiang Mai Saturday market), the Sunday market in Chiang Mai, and the Kad Manee Market If follow along until the end we also try to eat something unique at the Ploen Ruedee night market (The Night Bazaar).

This is the second video in our Chiang Mai travel series. Next week we hit the road on motorbikes around the Mae Hong Son Loop!

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In today's travel vlog we visited Chiang Mai University Night Market to explore the Thai Street Food. I was amazed by how CHEAP the food is there! This night market is located just outside of Chiang Mai city (close to Nimmanhaemin) and is a must visit for those visiting Chiang Mai in 2022 and looking for good Thai food on a budget!


Mister Prakan

Safety Wing


00:00 Chiang Mai University Night Market
01:12 Thai Sausages
02:29 Taro Taiyaki
04:25 Curried Crab & Phad Kra Pao Gai
06:08 Okonomiyaki
08:15 Best/Worst

#chiangmai #nightmarket #thaistreetfood

BUGS + INCREDIBLE Thai Street Food | Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market

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The Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand is an incredible place to eat delicious Thai street food! We decided to make an updated, bigger, better, DIY food tour video of the night market including eating A GIANT ROACH! EW! We wandered the walking street for hours and also ate many DELICIOUS foods :) If you want to see how far we've come, watch our last Sunday Night Market video from 2016

Travel vlog 572 | Chiang Mai, Thailand | Country #82/100

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Things to do with $1 in Thailand ????????

Thai Street Food - EXTREME BBQ MEAT TOUR in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand | Thai Sausage and Laap!

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I’ll just tell you straight up, Northern Thailand is known for its meat, and meat is a huge part of the local authentic food diet. So today I’m going to take you on a Northern Thai food meat tour - eat mostly amazing bbq meat and a dish called laap (ลาบ) - and show you some of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai, that I personally love.

Talad Mae Hia (ตลาดแม่เหี้ยะ) Market - We started off the morning at what is one of the best places in Chiang Mai for sai oua (ไส้อั่ว), or Northern Thai herb sausage. At the market, the stall is called Sai Oua Kao Bakam (ร้านไส้อั่วเก๊าบ่าขาม) and we ate their sai oua (ไส้อั่ว) and a brains packet (แอบอ๋องอ๋อ). The sausage was the highlight, a perfect balance of herbal and meatiness.
Price - 390 THB ($11.91) per kg.

Kum Sang Dao (คุ้มแสงดาวหมูย่าง) - Just outside of Chiang Mai, but well worth the effort to get there, is one of the most impressive, filled to the brim Northern Thai bbq meat grills. For any grillmaster, this will be a sight to behold. The northern Thai food grill is typically quite low heat so meat can just kind of hang around and smoke all day long as it’s eaten. We ordered the mixed grill (ย่างรวมมิตร), which included a mix of everything on the grill chopped up and served with sauce. Another highlight dish at Kum Sang Dao (คุ้มแสงดาวหมูย่าง) is theirsSoured pork, egg (จิ้นส้มหมกใส่ไข่). This is an amazing restaurant for Northern Thai meat dishes.
Total price - 390 THB ($11.91)

Laap Ton Koi Restaurant (ลาบต้นข่อย) - One of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai to eat at laap raw buffalo (ลาบควายดิบ), is Laap Ton Koi Restaurant (ลาบต้นข่อย), and I was very excited for this one. The minced buffalo was mixed with spices and bile, and herbs perfectly by the laap master. This is the best laap I have ever had in my life, it was absolutely incredible. We also ordered the Flash-cooked sliced meat (ส้าสะดุ้ง), and the pork herb curry (แกงอ่อมหมู).
Total price - 140 THB ($4.28)

Laap Ton Yang Restaurant (ร้านลาบต้นยาง) - Finally to end this Thai street food meat tour of Chiang Mai, we ate at one more of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai specializing in laap. Again the laap made with beef raw (ลาบเนื้อ ดิบ) was spectacular, but we also tried their laap pork cooked (ลาบหมู สุก), soured fried pork riblets (แหนมซี่โครงหมูทอด), steamed beef, chili dip (จิ้นนึ่ง นำ้พริกตาแดง), fish curry (แกงตูนป่า), and fried fish, herbs (ปลาทอดสมุนไพร). You don’t need to eat raw meat here, all the other Northern Thai food dishes are also spectacular. This is just a great restaurant in Chiang Mai.
Total price - 420 THB ($12.83)

Thank you for watching this Thai street food tour of Chiang Mai and hope you have an amazing time eating when you’re in Thailand!


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Thailand Street Food - INSANE WHOLE HERBAL CHICKEN + 11 Best Foods to Try in Chiang Mai!!

???? Chiang Mai Street Food Tour:
???? Harvesting and Eating Taro Stems:
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The absolute must eat foods in Chiang Mai, dishes you can’t leave Chiang Mai without tasting. In this video, you’ll learn about 11 of the best Northern Thai dishes to eat, and where to eat them when you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

1. Khao Soi ข้าวซอย

Easily one of the most famous and tastiest northern Thai dishes is khao soi - a bowl of usually egg noodles topped with a spice flavored coconut milk based curry sauce. It’s something you can’t miss when you’re in Chiang Mai!

Khao Soi Mae Manee ข้าวซอยแม่มณี (
Khao Soi Loong Surin ข้าวซอยลุงสุรินทร์ (

2. Gaeng Hanglay แกงฮังเล

Gaeng hanglay is a richly flavorful Burmese pork stew with ginger and curry powder. It’s a dish you’ll find on every northern Thai menu.

Huen Jai Yong เฮือนใจ๋ยอง (
Kiti Panit กิติพานิช (

3. Nam Ngiao น้ำเงี้ยว

If there’s one comfort food for Northern Thai people, it’s got to be nam ngiao - a pork and tomato water stew that’s typically eaten with rice noodles.

Khanom Jeen Sanpakoi ขนมจีนสันป่าข่อย (
Nam Ngiaw Loong Pong น้ำเงี้ยวลุงพงษ์ (

4. Nam Phrik Num น้ำพริกหนุ่ม

Roasted green chilies are then pounded with garlic and shallots to create this delicious green chili paste that’s perfect for eating with vegetables or crispy pork rinds.

Ton Phayom Market ตลาดต้นพยอม (
Mae Hia Fresh Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (

5. Laap ลาบ

For meat based dishes, laap is the greatest. Fresh meat is minced by hand, mixed with tingly spices, and eaten with herbs and sticky rice. It’s traditionally eaten raw, but cooked is also acceptable.

Laap Ton Koi ร้านลาบต้นข่อย (
Laap Ton Yang ลาบต้นยาง (

6. Gai Neung ไก่นึ่ง

Translated to steamed chicken, but really so much more than that - the chicken is coated in a thick paste of herbs and chilies and steamed until all the flavors come together.

Khong Khao Mueang ก่องข้าวเมือง (
Huen Jai Yong เฮือนใจ๋ยอง (

7. Yang Ruam ย่างรวมมิตร

Northern Thai food is characterized by smoky grilled meat and there’s no better way to experience it than to get the mixed grill.

Kumsangdao คุ้มแสงดาว (
Laap Yong ลาบยอง (

8. Gaeng Pak Wan / Gaeng Nor Mai / Gaeng Khae

Although Northern Thai food tends to be pretty meat heavy, there are some amazing seasonal vegetable curries, stews and soups.

Krua Phech Doi Ngam ครัวเพชรดอยงาม (
Khong Khao Mueang ก่องข้าวเมือง (

9. Dtam Kanun ตำขนุน

Krua Lawng Khao ครัวหลองข้าว (
Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (

10. Aeb pla / aeb ong or แอ๊บปลา

Kiti Panit กิติพานิช (
Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (

11. Sai Ua ไส้อั่ว

Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (
Sai Ua Kam Paeng ไส้อั่วคำแปง (

And so that wraps up this list of best Northern Thai food you must try when you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Thank you again to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for sponsoring this video.




STREET FOOD Heaven in THAILAND ???????? - How Much Thai Street Food Costs at Chiang Mai's Night Market!

Street Food Heaven in Thailand ???????? - How Much Thai Street Food Costs at Chiang Mai's Night Market!

Today we visited the Chiang Mai night market in Thailand challenging ourselves to try as many of the amazing street food dishes Thailand is known for. Did we find the best street food in Thailand?? We also had our new favorite Thai dish at a restaurant in the Nimman district in Chiang Mai, khao soi - if you haven't tried it, it's a must!! What we've learned is you will never go hungry in Thailand, no matter what your taste buds crave, there is something for everyone! #thailandfood #streetfoodthailand #chiangmai
Thanks for watching!!

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LEGENDARY Day to Night THAI STREET FOOD Tour in Chiang Mai! | The Cowboy Lady + Noodle Ninja


Want to go on a similar Chiang Mai tour with a great local guide? Check out A Chef's Tour →

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Location 1 Thanin market
Food name :
1. Mango sticky rice ( khao niew ma moung ) 50 baht
2. Thai rice pudding ( khanom Krok) 20 baht
3. Sweet cream crepe ( Khanom beuang) 20 baht
4. Northern thai sausage ( Sai oua) 25 baht
5. Deep fried shrimp meat roll with plum sauce ( Hoi jor ) 60 baht
Total price 175 baht

Location 2 Sornchan restaurant
1. Spicy minced pork salad ( Larb moo) 50 baht
2. Northern pork curry ( Gang hung lay) 50 baht
3. Sticky rice ( khao niew) 12 baht
Total price 112 baht

Location 3 Chang phueak food night market
Tel. 0813662969
Food name :
1 Stewed pork knuckle with rice
( Khao kha Moo) 30 baht
Total price 30 baht

Location 4 Warorot market
Food name :
1. Rice noodle with spicy pork soup ( Khanom jeen nam ngiao) 20 baht
2 .Spicy noodles salad ( Yam kuay tiew) 40 baht
Total price 60 baht

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I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.

Street FOOD in Thailand -NIGHT MARKET Thai Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Thailand is known for its street food night markets. In this video WE'LL BE EXPLORING THE bustling food night markets of Chiang Mai! Mouth-watering food stalls and tasting the Thai delicacies.

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#food #streetfood #thailand

Thai Street Food - Chiang Mai Night Market,Thailand

Thai street food northern style. This time we're at the Chiang Mai Sunday night market. It is a must-attend event in a must-see city. We were already in town for the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, so the famous Sunday night market was a bonus.

The opening and closing shots are of the Northern Thai Food / Chiang Mai classic, Sai Krok - a sausage combining pork and ALL of the special Thai cooking ingredients - fish sauce, lemon grass, cilantro, coriander seed, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, thai chili, etc. The same flavor ingredients that create Tom Yum stock - but in a grilled porky sausage form.

So very very good. เชียงใหม่

More Thai Street Food in Bangkok here:
More from the Thailand's Chiang Mai Night Market here:

DELICIOUS Thai Street Food at Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Market

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Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand Sunday Night Market

Visiting the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market is an experience that shouldn’t be missed! If you’re planning a trip to Chiang Mai Thailand, make sure that you’re here on a Sunday Night. The market is HUGE, and full of tons of delicious food.

The night market literally stretches for almost 2km. We spent hours wandering the streets, and we still couldn’t see the end of the market when we gave up! This night market in Chiang Mai is better than any other night market we’ve been to in Thailand!

The Sunday Night Market had an amazing selection of local goods. Even though there are thousands of stalls that set up on Sunday nights in Chiang Mai, very few of them sell the same thing. A pleasant surprise after visiting the night markets of Bangkok.

If you want to know what it's like to visit the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market, check out this VLOG!

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If you have any questions about visiting the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market, please leave them in the comments below!

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The BIGGEST Night Market in THAILAND (We Explore Chiang Mai Walking Street Sunday Night Market)

in this video we visit the biggest night market in Thailand. The Chiang Mai Walking Street Sunday night market is one of the best things to do in Chiang Mai. Thailand has some of the best night markets in the world so exploring them is such a cool way to spend time in Thailand. We have visited other markets in Thailand, such as Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, you can watch that video below.

These Thai Night markets have so much to offer. You can bargain for cheap deals on clothes, souvenirs, Thai ornament's etc as well as try some delicious Thai street food. In this video we try Khao soi for the very first time. We can't believe how good Khao soi is, and we are a little disappointed in ourselves that it took this long to actually try it. Its amazing and the signature dish of Northern Thailand and in Chaing Mai you will get the best one by all accounts. You need to eat this in Chaing Mai.

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Thai Street Food At Chiang Mai Night Market, Thailand 2023

Hi everyone,

We made this video walking around Chiang Mai's Saturday Night Market on Wualai Street. This market only happens on Saturdays between approx. 5 and 10 pm. It's a big one (apparently only topped by the Sunday night market in town) and you can find all kinds of food, clothes, souvenirs, etc. at this place. You can also get a Thai massage or a manicure/pedicure at one of the many corners along the street where chairs have been set up. The later the busier this market gets, so come early if you want to look around without the crowds.

We hope you will enjoy this market tour and the video!

P.S. Unfortunately, we had some problems with the audio of this video, so we uploaded a new version which includes the audio at

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