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10 Best Places to Visit in Suriname


Top 10 Places to Visit in Suriname

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Back in July of 2019, I spent 11 amazing days traveling around the diverse South American country of Suriname. These are the top 10 places you must visit in Suriname!

1. Paramaribo
Suriname’s capital and largest city. It’s a cosmopolitan melting pot where you can find a rich, colonial past and cuisines that range from Chinese to African to Indonesian to Indian to Dutch. You can also find accommodations for every budget!

2. Tamanredjo
A small town between Paramaribo and Albina. Most of its people are Javanese, and you can find incredible Indonesian chicken, fried banana, rice, and beans, at Warung Lenny’s restaurant in town.

3. Galibi
A small village located at the meeting place of the Maroni River and the Atlantic Ocean. There, you can find lots of outstanding seafood and, between February and June, you can find nesting sea turtles!

4. Brownsweg/Ston Eiland
A town about 80 miles south of Paramaribo, near Brownsberg Nature Park and the Brokopondo Reservoir. The reservoir and surrounding forest offers jungle treks, Howler Monkey Island, and fishing for piranha, and you can find Surinamese barbecue in town!

5. Atjoni
A tiny port village that provides transportation to villages along the Upper Surinamese river. Here, you can grab some Indonesian-inspired food at the riverside restaurant and take a boat ride to Isadou Island.

6. Isadou Island
A small river island in the Upper Suriname River that is home to the Isadou Resort. You can also enjoy delicious jungle food, take treks in the forest, take a dip in the river, search for caiman at night, and visit nearby Jaw Jaw village!

7. Browns-Mountain
A 500-meter-tall mountain in Brownsberg Nature Reserve near Brokopondo Reservoir. From its summit, you can enjoy views of the reservoir and hike to two different jungle waterfalls.

8. Palumeu
A tiny village along the Tapanahony River deep in Suriname’s interior. Take a hike through the jungle to Poti Hill, explore the primary and secondary forests, go fishing in the river rapids, and visit the village!

9. Lelydorp
A mostly Javanese village along the main road leading south from Paramaribo. It’s a great place to find unique handicrafts and Indonesian-inspired street food like lumpia, satay, chicken sausage, and boiled vegetables with spicy peanut sauce!

10. Johanna-Margaretha
An area east of Paramaribo near the meeting place of the Suriname and Commewijne Rivers. Watch the pink-bellied dolphins at sunset and have an Indian dinner at the Johanna en Margaretha plantation before heading out into the swamp to look for caimans at night!

And there you have it! Those are the top 10 places you must visit in Suriname. This country is so unbelievably diverse in terms of culture and food, and is also a gorgeous country that is largely untouched and unknown to most. You will love it!

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10 Amazing Places to Visit in Suriname – Travel Video

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#suriname is a small country in north east South America. It’s a combination of tropical rainforest, roaring rivers, Dutch colonial history, and great ethnic diversity.

You can divide your time between the dense and untamed interior jungles and the lively modern cities with shopping, fantastic restaurants, and surprising night-spots. Here we have prepared a list of Top 10 best #places to #visit in Suriname.

00:00 Why visiting Suriname
00:50 Neotropical Butterfly Park (Wanica)
01:38 Brownsberg Nature Park
02:21 Warappa Kreek (Bakkie)
03:11 Paramaribo Zoo (Paramaribo)
04:00 Jodensavanne (Paramaribo)
04:41 Around Paramaribo
05:24 Soak up the culture along the Upper Suriname River
06:23 Central Market
07:07 Fort Zeelandia (Paramaribo)
07:51 Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral


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TOP 10 Places to Visit in Suriname

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10. Suriname Mosque
The largest Mosque in the Caribbean is Mosque Keizerstraat, located in Paramaribo. It is a beautiful building with stunning gardens around it. No machinery was used during construction and thus it took 20 years to complete. Not only is it an impressive place of worship it’s unique because of its next door neighbour, the Nevah Shalom Synagogue.

9. Presidential Palace of Suriname
Located in the capital across from Independence Square, the presidential palace is one of the best examples of Dutch colonial architecture in Suriname. Part of the inner city’s UNESCO World Heritage designation, it was built in the 18th century, and is still the presidents home.

8. Arya Dewaker
This Hindu temple is the largest in Suriname and is located in Paramaribo. It’s arguably the most important in the country to the 30,000+ Hindu’s who live there. Designed by a Dutch architect, the building is a two-story octagonal building with meeting rooms, a library, and ceremony room.

7. Joden Savanne
ust south of Paramaribo, on the Suriname River, is Joden Savanne, or Jews’ savannah. Established in the 17th century, it was originally an agricultural community that was developed by Spanish Jews fleeing persecution. Sugarcane plantations were the main crop and slaves were used here for a long time.

6. Brownsberg Nature Park
Roughly 80 miles from Paramaribo you’ll find the Brownsberg Nature Park. It’s 500 metres above sea level and was established in 1969. It’s mostly neotropical rainforest and is home to hundreds of unique and rare plant and animal species.

5. Commewijne River
All along the Commewijne River, you’ll find old plantation properties as well as cacao, coffee, and sugar cane facilities. A tourist favourite is to rent a bike for the day and cycle the well-maintained routes around the plantations. Though, the most popular route to cross the river from Paramribo is by water taxi. They mostly take you to Frederiksdorp, an old restored plantation that is now a hotel and restaurant.

4. Nieuw Nickerie
This busy border town was once one of the country’s main balata collecting centres. These days the port remains active and the economy is served by the banana and rice plantations here. If you’re hoping to explore Bigi Pan, a swamp and reservoir with over 100 bird varieties, Nieuw Nickerie is the last stop before Guyana.

3. Central Suriname Nature Reserve
The largest of Suriname’s nature reserves, Central Suriname covers about 12% of the country’s total land mass and 40% of the plants and animals here are to be found only in the Guianas. One of the most beautiful attractions in the reserve is Raleighvallen, Raleigh Falls. It’s a long and low staircase of water that cascades down from the Coppename River.

2. Galibi Coppename Nature Reserve
This lovely nature reserve was established in 1969 and is situated at the mouth of the Coppename River. It’s a haven for birdwatchers, home to the endangered manatee, and attracts hundreds of turtles during laying season (April to August). STINASU, The Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname, organizes several tours to and through the reserve.

1. Paramaribo
If you could combine the American Wild West with Amsterdam, you’d get Paramaribo. A high energy city filled with things to see and do, it’s the most incredible capital in the Guianas. Roam around the inner city, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover grassy squares lined with black and white Dutch colonial buildings, have lunch at one of the many Indian roti shops, and buy a few pieces of artwork from the Maroon artists selling their art outside the old Dutch forts.

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15 BEST Things to do in SURINAME (The SMALLEST Country in South America)

Here are the best things to do in Suriname.


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Are you ready for an adventure unlike any other? Then join us as we explore the vibrant and diverse country of Suriname! From breathtaking natural wonders to rich cultural experiences, there is no shortage of things to do in this South American gem.

Kick off your trip by immersing yourself in the capital city of Paramaribo, where you can wander through colorful markets, visit historic landmarks, and try some delicious local cuisine. But the fun doesn't stop there - Suriname is home to a number of stunning national parks, where you can hike through lush rainforests and spot exotic wildlife.

And if you're looking for a unique cultural experience, Suriname is the place to be. From the Afro-Caribbean influences of the East Indian community to the indigenous cultures of the Maroons and Amerindians, there is something for everyone to discover.

So don't wait - start planning your trip to Suriname today and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

We'll explain more about the best things to do in Suriname in this video.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Suriname

Top 10 Places to Visit in Suriname
Suriname is a small country in north east South America. It's a combination of roaring rivers, tropical rainforest, Dutch colonial history and great ethnic diversity. You can combine your time between the dense and untamed interior jungles and the lively modern cities with shopping, fantastic restaurants and surprising night-spots. Suriname has over 11 natural reserves created with the intent of protecting its diverse plant and animal life, ranging from sea turtles to ornate birds, to the brightly colored blue arrow poison arrow frog. Here are the best places to view its unspoiled beauty and have a great time:

2.Central Nature Reserve
3.Brownsberg Nature Park
4.Galibi Nature Reserve
5.Nieuw Nickerie
6.Commewiine River
8. Arya Dewaker
10.Neotropical Butterfly Park

25 places to visit in SURINAME ????????

25 places to visit in SURINAME

1. Saint Peter and Paul Basilica, Paramaribo
2. Presidential Palace in Paramaribo
3. Independence Square (Onafhankelijksplein), Paramaribo
4. Palmetuim – Garden of Palms
5. Neveh Shalom Synagogue
6. Arya dewaker hindu temple
7. Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo
8. Peperpot Nature Park, Meerzorg
9. Suriname City Mosque
10. Centrale Market
11. Ahmadiyya muslim nasir mosque
12. Fort Nieuw Amsterdam, Nieuw Amsterdam
13. Waterkant (Riverside Boulevard), Paramaribo
14. Commewijne River, Paramaribo
15. Tafelberg Nature Preserve, Saramacca District
16. Bigi Pan, Nieuw Nickerie
17. Voltzberg Dome, Palumeu
18. Jodensavanne
19. Brownsberg nature park
20. Het koto museum
21. Warappa Kreek
22. Surinaamsch rumhuis
23. Neotropical butterfly park
24. Marienburg suikerfabriek
25. Lalla rookh museum

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SURINAME Top 30 Tourist Places | Suriname Tourism

Suriname (Things to do - Places to Visit) - SURINAME Top Tourist Places
A country in South America

Suriname is a small country on the northeastern coast of South America. It's defined by vast swaths of tropical rainforest, Dutch colonial architecture, and a melting-pot culture.

On its Atlantic coast is the capital, Paramaribo, where palm gardens grow near Fort Zeelandia, a 17th-century trading post. Paramaribo is also home to Saint Peter and Paul Basilica, a towering wood cathedral consecrated in 1885.

SURINAME Top 30 Tourist Places | Suriname Tourism

Things to do in SURINAME - Places to Visit in Suriname

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SURINAME Top 30 Tourist Places - Suriname, South America

Top 5 places to visit in Paramaribo

Paramaribo is the Capital of Suriname .Located along side the river banks of the Suriname river it is the largest city of Suriname with half of the population of Suriname living there.
Here are the Top 5 places to visit in Paramaribo .

Top Ten Places To Visit in Suriname in 2021

#Suriname #Republic of Suriname #Top Ten Place To Visit In Suriname

Suriname is a small country on the northeastern coast of South America. It's defined by vast swaths of tropical rainforest, Dutch colonial architecture and a melting-pot culture.

On its Atlantic coast is the capital, Paramaribo, where palm gardens grow near Fort Zeelandia, a 17th-century trading post.

Paramaribo is also home to Saint Peter and Paul Basilica, a towering wood cathedral consecrated in 1885. ― Google

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PARAMARIBO Top 24 Tourist Places | Paramaribo Tourism | SURINAME

Paramaribo (Things to do - Places to Visit) - PARAMARIBO Top Tourist Places
Capital of Suriname

Paramaribo is the capital city of Suriname on the banks of the Suriname River. It’s known for ornate wooden Dutch colonial buildings in its center. On the banks of the river, the 17th-century Fort Zeelandia houses the Surinaams Museum, with exhibits on the region's history.

Nearby, the wood-and-stone Presidential Palace faces Independence Square and is backed by the Garden of Palms, a public park.

PARAMARIBO Top 24 Tourist Places | Paramaribo Tourism

Things to do in PARAMARIBO - Places to Visit in Paramaribo

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PARAMARIBO Top 24 Tourist Places - Paramaribo, Suriname, South America

10 Places To Visit In Guyana That Are Worth The Trip | Guyana Tourism

10 places to visit in Guyana
Guyana is a South America country which is located on the main land and is been bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. George is the capital of this city and just like any other country, Guyana has its attractive places which draws people. This third smallest sovereign in the mainland of South America, brings you 10 places to visit in Guyana.

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Paramaribo: The Coolest City You've Never Heard Of ???????? (#108)

If you look at a map of South America very carefully, you'll notice a little country called Suriname in the top right corner. They don't speak Spanish there. They surprisingly speak Dutch, along with a ton of other languages. Gone are the Latin influences, instead you find touches of Indonesia, India, China, Holland and West Africa. It's a fascinating place, and I was going to start with the capital, Paramaribo, to get a better understanding of it.

Thankfully, there was plenty of food and Parbo beer waiting for me. But first, I had to learn Dutch - a sentence I never thought would escape my mouth.

Instagram: sabbatical.tommy

#sabbatical #suriname #latinamerica

एक गुमनाम देश | Facts About Suriname | Suriname Travel Guide | Suriname Popular places.

एक गुमनाम देश | Facts About Suriname | Suriname Travel Guide | Suriname Popular places.


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Is Suriname a rich or Poor country?
What Suriname is famous for?
What percentage of Suriname is Indian?
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सूरीनाम एक हिंदू देश है?
क्या सूरीनाम अंग्रेजी बोलता है?
Is Suriname developed or developing country?
Is Suriname the poorest country in South America?
Is Suriname a good place to live?
How does Suriname make money?


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Top 10 Places to Visit in Suriname for Millennials

Suriname, a hidden gem waiting to be explored by millennials! ????✈️ Discover the must-visit places in this unique destination:

Immerse yourself in charming Dutch colonial architecture, vibrant street art, and a lively atmosphere. Take a stroll through the historic city center and indulge in local cuisine. ????????

Brownsberg Nature Park
Embark on stunning rainforest hikes, witness majestic waterfalls, and spot diverse wildlife. Perfect for adventure seekers and eco-tourism enthusiasts. ????????

Brokopondo Reservoir
Dive into an artificial lake surrounded by lush rainforests. Enjoy kayaking, fishing, and boat tours in this picturesque setting. ????????

Galibi Nature Reserve
Head northeast to witness sea turtle nesting from March to July. Experience the magic of nature as you see these magnificent creatures hatch. ????????

Maroon villages
Immerse yourself in the culture of the Maroon people. Visit Pikin Slee for cultural exchanges and river-based activities. ????????️

Bigi Pan Nature Reserve
A paradise for bird watchers! Explore the wetland area and spot a diverse range of bird species on boat tours. ????????

Raleighvallen Nature Reserve
Venture into pristine rainforests, hike through trails, and encounter wildlife in this remote yet rewarding destination. ????????

Commewijne River Tour
Cruise along the Commewijne River, visit old plantations, enjoy nature, and witness dolphins in their natural habitat. ????????

Nieuw Nickerie
A charming town in the west, known for its bustling market and proximity to the Bigi Pan Nature Reserve. ????️????️

Dive into the history of Suriname's Jewish community by exploring the ruins of this historic plantation and synagogue. ????????

Suriname offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and historical wonders—an ideal destination for millennials seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures! Remember to check travel conditions and safety recommendations before your journey. ???????? #SurinameAdventure #OffTheBeatenPath #travelmagic

Join Our Globe-Trotting Community! ????

For the best deals on accommodation in Suriname:

Guyana Travel Guide: 10 BEST Things to do in Guyana

Here are the 10 best things to do in Guyana.

Recommended Tours in Guyana:

5 Island Hopping Tour on the Essequibo with Lunch:

Georgetown 7 Curry Tour:

Day Tour into the Story of Emancipation and Slavery in Guyana:

Dinner in the Secret Garden of Guyana with The Singing Chef:

Guyana is a little-known gem located on the northern coast of South America. This diverse country is home to an array of natural beauty, including rainforests, waterfalls, and savannahs. It is also a place rich in culture, with a diverse mix of indigenous, African, and European influences.

If you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination that offers a wide range of things to do, Guyana is definitely worth considering. In this video, we'll take you on a journey through this fascinating country and introduce you to all that it has to offer.

You'll get to explore the capital city of Georgetown, which is filled with historic landmarks and colonial architecture. You'll also get to visit the Amerindian Village and participate in traditional activities like basket weaving and archery.

But that's not all! Guyana is also home to the Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve, where you can go on a nature hike and spot exotic birds and animals like jaguars and capybaras. And if you love water activities, you won't want to miss a boat tour through the Essequibo River, the longest river in Guyana and home to an abundance of wildlife.

So sit back, relax, and join us as we discover all the amazing things to do in Guyana. This is a destination that has something for everyone, and we can't wait to share it with you.

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Street Scenery In Downtown Paramaribo With Dutch Colonial Style Buildings And Architecture.

Historic Inner City of Paramaribo.
Paramaribo is a former Dutch colonial town from the 17th and 18th centuries planted on the northern coast of tropical South America.
At just under 165,000 square kilometers (64,000 square miles), it is the smallest sovereign state in South America. Suriname has a population of approximately 575,990, most of whom live on the country's north coast, in and around the capital and largest city, Paramaribo

Archaeological excavations indicate that around 10,000 BC (possibly earlier) the first Paleo-Americans settled in the Sipaliwinisavanne. These were nomadic hunter-gatherers. The archaeological material (e.g. hand axe, chopper, stone arrowhead, etc.) corresponds to what is called the Old Stone Age or the Paleolithic in Europe. Around 3000 BC pottery producing farming communities settled near the lower Corantijn, where they resided until about 500 BC. In Suriname there is archaeological evidence that these communities settled on the Kauri Creek and the Maratakka. These were (semi-)sedentary farmers, and the archaeological material (pottery and agriculture) corresponds to what is called the New Stone Age or the Neolithic in Europe. The invasion of Suriname by the Europeans seriously disrupted the indigenous socio-political structures, and although the languages ​​and cultures of the various Karaib and Arawak-speaking peoples are in danger of extinction, they are still kept alive by the current indigenous population.

Dutch Guiana around 1700

The map of Suri

Suriname became independent on November 25, 1975. The Governor of Suriname Ferrier, the Dutch Prime Minister Den Uyl and Queen Juliana signed the treaty. Since then, the official name has been Republic of Suriname (see Separation Agreement). Ferrier became the first president of the new South American state. Five years later, a coup led by Petty Officer Desi Bouterse took place, but this did not put an end to the changing of the guard in the office of the presidency. In the series of past presidents, two names stand out: the just mentioned Bouterse, who twice for a few days, and Venetian who exercised the highest civil authority three times for a total of fifteen years, starting in 1991. Venetian, a former minister of education, was after democratic elections in 2010 relieved by Bouterse. After losing in the elections, Bouterse was succeeded as president in 2020 by Chan Santokhi.

10 BEST Things to do in French Guiana (HIKING with monkeys and watching a ROCKET LAUNCH)

Here are the best things to do in French Guiana.


Fired travel agent wants revenge! Here's the secret to cheap flights:


Experience the beauty and culture of French Guiana, a unique destination located on the northeastern coast of South America. From the vibrant capital city of Cayenne to the stunning beaches and forests, there is something for everyone in this exotic locale. Discover the rich history of the region and learn about its past at iconic landmarks. Immerse yourself in the local culture by trying delicious Creole cuisine and exploring the vibrant markets.

French Guiana is a place where you can experience adventure, relaxation, and cultural discovery all in one trip. Watch our video to learn more about this amazing destination and the best things to do in French Guiana.

Top 10 Things To Do In Suriname - Orange Travel

???? Discover Suriname: Your Ultimate Guide to Adventure and Culture! ????

Embark on a virtual journey through the enchanting landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of Suriname! Join us as we unveil the Top 10 Things To Do In Suriname, showcasing the best this hidden gem in South America has to offer.

???? Explore Pristine Rainforests: Immerse yourself in the lush greenery of Suriname's untouched rainforests.

????️ Cultural Odyssey: Dive into the heart of Suriname's vibrant culture with visits to traditional Maroon and Indigenous villages like Anaula, Danpaati, Knini Paati, Ala fasi Boto Pasi, Kumalu, Jaw Jaw, and Isadou.

???? River Adventures: Glide along scenic rivers and experience the thrill of boat trips, revealing the breathtaking beauty of Suriname's waterways.

Explore Brokopondo's vast reservoir, feel the mist of Blanche Marie Waterfall, and encounter the vibrant wildlife in Bigi Pan.

#SurinameTravel #ExploreSuriname #Top10 #Orangetravel #tourism #touroperators #tours #hiddengems #culture #diversity

00:30.Upper suriname
01:15.Blanche Marie Waterfalls
02:01.Bigi Pan

The 5 best places to visit in Suriname

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Explore SURINAME: History, Culture, People, and Mind Blowing Destinations

Suriname, this little South American gem, is all about the good stuff. They've got this awesome mix of cultures, crazy rainforests, and food that's like a worldwide flavor party. And don't forget Paramaribo, the historic capital that's like a UNESCO superstar. Plus, they played a big part in ending slavery. It's like a blend of traditions and nature that'll blow your mind.

In this video, we will be covering “Suriname”. Keep watching to see the best local food to try, the most fascinating place to visit, and a historical location.

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Geography Now! Suriname
Suriname is more interesting than you may think
10 Amazing Places to Visit in Suriname – Travel Video

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