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10 Best Places to Visit in Palestinian Territories


DIY Destinations - Palestine / Palestinian Territories Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

This special episode of DIY Destinations featuring occupied Palestine, and its FREE and inexpensive, must-see attractions from the North to the South, including from understanding the importance and visiting oldest olive tree in al-Walaja, the birthplace of Jesus in Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, and retracing his footstep in Wadi Qelt to Jericho along the way visiting St. George Monastery and Mount of Temptation, Hisham's Palace and Herod's Palace. We'll also visit Aida Refugee Camps to see the realty of life under military occupation and Al-Shuhada Street. We'll also sample the street food and sweet Kanafeh in Nablus and experience Turkish bath. In Jenin, we'll visit Cinema Jenin Project and famous largest oldest church in the world in Burgin's St. George Church. All done safely, inexpensive and easily!

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11 Things NOT to do in Israel - MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!

Israel is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The food, the culture, the history... it's an amazing place. That being said there are a few things to watch out for while you're there. Here are 11 things not to do in Israel.

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a movie by Cal McKinley

Journey Through Palestine - Travel Documentary

Palestine means a lot of different things to many people, and may not be the most obvious travel destination. It is often associated with conflict and political unrest, overlooking the fact that it’s also a beautiful and fascinating region, with a vibrant culture, incredible historic landmarks, spectacular natural scenery, inspiring religious sites, tasty food, and friendly, welcoming people.

On this journey, I’m traveling through the Holy Land, a region important to the three main monotheistic religions, and known today as Israel and Palestine.

In this first episode, I’m exploring the West Bank, the largest and most accessible part of Palestine. From stunning natural scenery to intriguing historic sites. From the busy streets of Ramallah to the narrow alleyways of Nablus’ old city. From religious landmarks in Hebron and Bethlehem to the ancient ruins of Jericho. Along the way, I meet some of the people that call this land home, and sample the local cuisine.

I’ll do so from a traveler’s perspective, focusing on the positive stories and things to do. But here and there I also mention the conflict between Israel and Palestine, since it has impacted the lives of many people in the region. For those interested in the politics and modern history of the region, however, I recommend to read, watch, and listen to as many different sources as you can.

This is my first long trip after the pandemic started, and I’m grateful for the chance to travel again. It’s also my second visit to the region. While much of the footage is from the end of 2021 (including the ‘vlog style’ parts), I’ll also use some background material from 5 years earlier.

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Copyright of all footage: Hoffer Media

Here’s a brief overview of the content in this video:

We start this journey in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, with its impressive Church of the Nativity at its core. After visiting the church, I explore the streets around it, meeting people and eating food in the bustling bazaar. There are many other places worth your time in and around Bethlehem, including the Milk Grotto, an olive oil factory (press), Shepherd’s Fields, and the Mar Saba monastery, surrounded by arid mountains.

Hebron is the next stop, a city in the South of Palestine, and (among other things) famous for its glassblowing factories, and also the Tomb of the Patriarch, or Ibrahimi Mosque. The streets around this place are divided between the local Palestinian community and Israeli settlers. As a tourist, you can visit both areas. At the end of the day, my guide Salwa takes me to a traditional Palestinian restaurant, where we eat some delicious food.

We continue this trip in Jericho, regarded as the oldest city in the world. Located next to the Dead Sea, it’s also one of the lowest cities on our planet, and can get very hot in Summer. Other sights to visit around Jericho include the Dead Sea, Nabi Musa, Qasr-al-Yahud, and St George’s Monastery, built into a cliff in Wadi Qelt.

Getting lost in the narrow alleys of Nablus’ old city was among my favorite things to do. There’s a surprise waiting for you around every corner, and perhaps the best one was the Al Aqsa kunafeh store, which is said to make the best version of this Palestinian dessert, which is popular around the Middle East.

We finish this journey in Ramallah, a young and dynamic city, attracting people from around the region to find work and get educated. It’s a commercial hub with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and provides a different perspective on this part of Palestine.

Come to Palestine With Me ????????│Border Crossing, Ramallah and Nablus

hello and Salam guys,

Welcome to a new video and this one is a very exciting one since I'm showing you home.
this is my first time in Palestine that I can remember and I really wanted to show you how beautiful Palestine is! Its rich history and kind people make you never want to leave.
As stunning as it is, it's also very hard to enter due to the occupation.
the reality of entering Palestine is something I wanted to highlight in this video.

Stay tuned for the next one, as my trip to Jerusalem was a very emotional one!
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10 Best Places to Visit in Israel - Top Tourist Attractions In Israel | TravelDham

Israel is a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea, is regarded by Jews, Christians and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land. You can explore the 10 best places to visit in Israel while traveling for holiday vacation. Here are some of the world's most famous religious top tourist attractions in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is often thought of purely as a pilgrimage destinations.

Its most sacred sites are in Jerusalem. Within its Old City, the Temple Mount complex includes the Dome of the Rock shrine, the historic Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

#Top10 #Places #Israel #Travel #Tourist #Tourism #Destinations #Tour #TravelDham

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Palestine on a Budget - Best of Nablus

Visiting Palestine's central highland and one of the oldest cities in the world, Nablus. We discover the Aslan flagstone factory, the Old City Market Souq, the Palestinian Coffee, the famous Nablus Soap Factory, the cheap local street food Ara'yes, Zalabia Kari, Halva, Kunafa, the ancient Hamam Al-Shefaa Turkish Bath House, and Sama Nablus Garden

Life in Palestinian WEST BANK ???????? | Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho & Dead Sea

This West Bank vlog is about ordinary Palestinians and their lives. What is living in Bethlehem, surrounded by an eight metre wall, like? My interview with Claire Anastas elucidates the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. This short video doesn't claim to have answers to the complex issues in the region, it just shares one woman's experience.

If you'd like to learn more about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, I recommend this list:

My personal favourite is a novel called Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa. She skilfully portrays Israelis and Palestinians across generations - it's one of the best fiction books about the conflict I've read.




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We Went To Israel AND Palestine To See Both Sides

In today's episode, we make our way from Malta to Jerusalem to join a dual perspective tour of the ancient city of Hebron.

This was a fascinating experience and we learned an incredible amount. We simply did this to learn and be more well-informed world citizens.

Please watch the whole video to get the full perspective from both sides.

Hateful comments toward either side will be removed.



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We are Oskar & Dan, two boys from Sweden who decided to change the course of our lives, drop out of university, and live life full-time. We're trying to see and learn as much about the world as possible while we're young! Right now, we are working to visit 100 countries before the end of 2022???? Check our YouTube About page for more details!????????‍????‍????????

Israel and Palestine were countries 86 and 87/100????

Thank you for watching!????????

0:00-1:34 Why?
1:35-4:35 Journey to Jerusalem
4:36-6:03 Heading to the West Bank
6:04-6:51 Tour intro
6:52-14:17 Palestinian side
14:18-21:38 Israeli side
21:39-23:45 Back to Jerusalem, reflections
23:46-29:42 Palestinian Chamber of Commerce - EXTENDED
29:43-32:30 Palestinian Tour Guide - EXTENDED
32:31-41:49 Israeli Hebron Spokesperson - EXTENDED

Indian visiting Palestine | Exploring Bethlehem, West Bank | Israel Palestine border

This is Forth Vlog of my 10 days Israel Palestine trip. In this Video you will see my complete trip to Bethlehem, Palestine from Jerusalem, Israel, Church of the Nativity where Jesus Christ was born, Israel Palestine Separation wall, Banksy Graffiti, Old city of Bethlehem and Old market of Bethlehem.
I also tried some local Palestinian food in the West Bank.
Do watch complete video to get all the important information in detail.


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7 TOURIST PITFALLS in JERUSALEM (Old City & Mount of Olives)

Jerusalem is a safe place to visit, but amid the holy sites are scammers who may try to rip you off.
Here are the main places where you need to be careful:

* Mount of Olives lookout - you will find yourself surrounded by pickpockets as you look out over the iconic scenery of the
Old City of Jerusalem.
* Outside Gethsemane Church - very aggressive sellers.
* As you walk down from the Jewish quarter to the Western Wall, people may approach you wanting
to tie a red string around your wrist, bless you, and then ask you for money.
* Restaurants next to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre that have menus without prices.
* Jaffa Gate, the main entrance for tourists to the Old City, is home to many illegal guides, as well as currency exchange places that will scam you.
* The area around station number 5 of the Via Dolorosa is a place you should be extra careful.
* Taxi drivers around Jaffa Gate that don't work with a meter.

The phone number of the police at Jaffa Gate: 02 - 6226150 or 972-2-6226150


Inside Palestine | The Moment They Discovered I’m Israeli ????

After having a nap in a mosque, I decide to go and explore the nightlife of Ramallah, Palestine. Met some interesting people on the way, and also accidently revealed my identity. In the next video, I made my way out of Palestine through the night.
Peace in the Middle East ✌️

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The Ultimate JERUSALEM FOOD TOUR + Attractions - Palestinian Food and Israeli Food in Old Jerusalem!

Join us on the ultimate Jerusalem food tour!
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There are few cities in the world that can compare to Jerusalem in terms of ancient history and religious significance. It’s one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and it’s a city that I’ve wanted to visit my entire life. Finally, along with my friend David ( and Rafram, we explored Jerusalem to discover the food treasures the city has to offer - and let me tell you, you’ll find some incredibly delicious food in Jerusalem!

We started off the Jerusalem food tour by first walking around East Jerusalem and starting with the best plate of hummus I’ve ever had. We then toured around Old Jerusalem, and enjoyed some incredible Palestinian food kebabs cooked by an incredible man who cooked with serious love and passion. Another highlight in Jerusalem was the mutabak, a thin pastry stuffed with cheese and baked.

After eating our way through Old Jerusalem, we then headed into West Jerusalem and went to lunch at an Israeli Jewish restaurant serving a mix of amazing dishes. The food was home-cooked in style, and absolutely sensation. A few more snacks and sightseeing throughout the afternoon, and that brought us all the way to dinner where David had made reservations to eat at one of the hottest restaurants in Jerusalem, Machneyuda Restaurant. It was quite an experience, and an amazing meal and lively atmosphere to wrap up this ultimate Jerusalem food tour.

Here’s all the food and places included in this Palestinian food and Israeli food tour of Jerusalem:

Hummus Acramawi
Price - 20 ILS ($5.57) per plate

Almond juice - 3.90 ILS ($1.09)

Al-shuala Grill Restaurant
Shawarma - 26 ILS ($7.26)

Al Baghdadi Kabab
Palestinian kebabs
Total price - 100 ILS ($27.89)

Zalatimo Sweets
Price - 30 ILS ($8.37) each

Peaches - 10 for 1 kg
Plums - 10 for 1 kg
Fruit - 10 ILS ($2.76) per kg.

Mahane Yehuda Market
Azura Restaurant
Total price - 400 ILS ($111.55)

Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
Western Wall Tunnel
Price - 35 ILS ($9.76) per person

Dome of the Rock

Mount of Olives

Machneyuda Restaurant
Total price - 700 ILS ($195.21)

It was a lot of food in a single day, but it was one of the greatest food and learning days that I’ve ever had in my life. The generosity of the people we connected with, paired with the food, was truly a memorable experience in Jerusalem.

Thank you again to David ( and Rafram for showing me some of the best food in Jerusalem!


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Londoners in Palestine: A Travel Guide to Ramallah and the West Bank!

We Went To Palestine and it was an unforgettable experience. The media makes you very fearful to visit this region, but we had to get over that fear and see it for ourselves. We visited Ramallah, Jericho, The River Jordan, and Bethlehem. It was a great trip and we will definitely visit again. Here is our travel guide in Palestine and we hope you guys enjoy the video.

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Visiting Palestine was one of the best parts of our time in the Middle East. We visited the Palestine Wall (the security wall between Palestine and Israel), the city of Ramallah, the baptism site of Jesus (the Jordan River), Mount of Temptation in Jericho, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and had lunch in the home of our guide, a local Palestinian. We chose to visit these sites with a tour group to make the most of our one day in the area and because we were not sure how safe it was to enter into Palestine. However, we felt completely safe in this wonderful country and absolutely loved our time in this beautiful land filled with so much history and so many important sites.

Our visit to the West Bank was incredibly educational and also very heavy. With only one day in the area, we wanted to learn as much as we could about the ongoing issues between Palestine and Israel and our guide did an extraordinary job teaching us. However, we ask anyone viewing this video to please watch videos made by people who are much better informed than we are about this conflict and the challenges faced by Palestinian's today. Although we learned so much during our time in the West Bank, we are not experts or historians and encourage you to take a few minutes to learn from those who are. We have included some links below to videos that we found really informative and may be a good place for you to learn more about this conflict as well.

We will leave you with our most significant takeaway from our day learning about Palestine and the ongoing conflict with Israel: this is not a religious conflict. To reduce this issue to one of Islam vs. Judaism would be erroneous. The conflict is political and we hope you keep this in mind as you watch our travel vlog and share in our journey of becoming educated on a matter of extreme importance.

Russell Brand's interview with Gabor Maté (a holocaust survivor):
The Israel-Palestine Conflict - a Brief, Simple History:

Thanks for watching our travel vlog! | Filmed November, 2021

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== Chapters ==
0:00 Preview
0:45 Recognizing the conflict between Israel and Palestine
1:53 Ramallah (the de facto capital)
4:14 Are we in Africa?
4:39 The oldest city in the world (Jericho)
6:06 Mount Temptation
7:30 Jesus was baptized here (Jordan River)
8:26 Illegal Israeli settlements
10:08 This is Bethlehem?
10:47 Where Jesus was born (Church of the Nativity)
12:34 The Israeli West Bank barrier
14:52 Passing the security gate and leaving Palestine
16:32 Bloopers

#travelvlog #canadiancouple #travelisrael #travelpalestine


Hey there! We are Nicole and Mico, full-time travel vloggers searching for adventures all around the globe. In March 2021 we quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and hopped on our first ever one-way flight leaving our home country #Canada. We believe #travel builds understanding that reaches across culture, language, and boundaries, and we want to share our experiences as we create connections all over the world. If you like learning about unique places, new cultures and different foods, then come follow our adventure as we explore all our beautiful planet has to offer.

Top-Rated Tourism Attractions in Israel & The Palestinian Territories

Home to some of the world's most famous religious tourist attractions, Israel and the Palestinian Territories is often thought of purely as a pilgrimage destination. Sure, the religious sites here will always be the main drawcard for a visit, but scratch below the surface, and you'll find there's so much more.
To help plan your next trip, here are some attractions that must be on your bucket list.

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Palestine - A Unique Tourism Destination

This video segment showcases Palestine as a tourism destination that offers selective programs with a wide range of tourism facilities to cater to the needs of all sort of travelers.
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this presentation of materials are those of the author and do not represent those of the United Nations or UNDP.

15 Attractions In Israel You Should'nt Miss

Israel is a country in Western Asia that is officially known as the State of Israel (in Hebrew: it is called Medinat Yisra'el). It borders Lebanon to the north, Syria to the northeast, Jordan to the east, while the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the east and west, respectively, and Egypt to the southwest. Tel Aviv is the country's economic and technological center, while Jerusalem is the seat of government and proclaimed capital, though international recognition of the state's sovereignty over the city is limited.

In this video, we will feature Israel that offers a unique combination of delicious food, friendly people, and an endless list of attractions. So, whether it's the culture, faith, or curiosity that has piqued your interest, here are the must-see attractions once you've arrived.

Masada's mountain fortifications are worth seeing
Take a look at the Bahá' Gardens
Visit Jerusalem's Old City
Explore Jerusalem's Western Wall
Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Via Dolorosa
Take in Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock
Port of Tel Aviv Feast
Visit the Jaffa Flea Market
Get lost in Mahane Yehuda (Jerusalem Markets)
Join the hipsters at Tel Aviv's Big Synagogue
Dive near Eilat's coral reefs
In the Dead Sea, you can get new skin
Relax by the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)
Negev Desert
Explore the Roman ruins of Caesarea


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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory

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Top10 Recommended Hotels in Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory : 1. The Walled Off Hotel ***
2. Dar Sitti Aziza ***
3. Hosh Al-Syrian Guesthouse
4. Talitha Kumi Guest House ***
5. Jacir Palace Hotel *****
6. innova8ion ***
7. Manger Square Hotel ****
8. Habibi Hostel
9. Dar al Majus
10. Shepherd Plaza Hotel

1. 182 Caritas St, Bethlehem, Palestine, Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $164 - $490
The Walled Off Hotel is located next to the separation wall in Bethlehem, Palestine providing visitors with a strong sense of history, spirituality and emotion.
2. Anatra Street , Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $148 - $180
Located in Bethlehem, Dar Sitti Aziza offers unique traditional accommodations. Free WiFi is available in the rooms.
3. Hosh Al Syrian,, Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $57 - $137
Featuring free WiFi and a restaurant, Hosh Al-Syrian Guest house offers pet-friendly accommodations in Bethlehem. The hotel has a sun terrace and views of the garden. Guests can enjoy dining at the property's gourmet restaurant which requires booking in advance.
4. Beit Jala - P.O Box 7 , PL Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $95 - $139
Offering buffet restaurant, Talitha Kumi Guest House is located in Beit Jala. Free Wi-Fi access is available. Bethlehem Church is 3.1 mi away.
5. Jerusalem-Hebron Road, 55555 Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $50 - $1115
Located just 200 m from Rachel’s Tomb, Jacir Palace features a beautiful palatial façade and a charming courtyard with palm trees. Guests can relax by the outdoor pool or at the spa.
6. Attan street 21, Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $100 - $148
Located in Bethlehem, a 12-minute walk from Church of the Nativity, innova8ion provides accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, a bar and a terrace. The property is around a 14-minute walk from St. Catherine's Church, 4.7 km from Rachel's Tomb and 2.7 km from Bethlehem University. The property has a 24-hour front desk, airport transportation, room service and free WiFi throughout the property.
7. Manger Street , Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $122 - $190
Manger Square Hotel is located in Bethlehem, just few steps from Nativity Church and Manger Square. Free Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel.
8. Palestine St Second Floor, Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $20 - $48
Located in Bethlehem and with Church of the Nativity reachable within a few steps, Habibi Hostel has express check-in and check-out, rooms, a shared lounge, free WiFi throughout the property and a garden. Featuring a shared kitchen, this property also provides guests with a grill. The property provides evening entertainment and a 24-hour front desk.
9. 56, Star Street, Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $70 - $90
Located in Bethlehem, a few steps from Manger Square, Dar al Majus provides accommodations with a garden, private parking and a terrace. Located around a 2-minute walk from St. Catherine's Church, the guesthouse with free WiFi is also 275 m away from Umar Mosque. The guesthouse has family rooms.
10. Mountain Road, Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory, Price range: $95 - $166
Situated on one of Betlehem’s highest hills, The Shepherd Plaza Hotel is located in Betlehem’s City Centre with easy access to Jordan borders. It offers free WiFi in all areas and a fully equipped spa & fitness center.

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Arafat's Tomb in Ramallah, Palestinian Territories

Where is Yasser Arafat’s Tomb?

It’s in the city of Ramallah, deemed by many to be the “capital city” of Palestine. I certainly class it as such. On my visit I flew the Northern Ireland flag at the Square of Flags that recognise Palestine as a country.

Buses from Jerusalem run daily. They are all Palestinian buses and I’ve touched on this before in my post on drinking at the Taybeh Beer Festival in Ramallah. Israelis obviously are not allowed to visit Arafat’s tomb, nor indeed Ramallah.

Facts About Yasser Arafat’s Tomb

• It was opened on 10th November 2007
• The Israeli government refused the demands for Yasser Arafat to be buried in Jerusalem
• It is manned by armed guards 24/7
• Israelis are forbidden to visit
• Photographs are permitted inside
• You should not smile or laugh when visiting
• As a bonus, Yasser Arafat’s tomb sits on a walkway which is opposite a square of flags. These flags are all the countries that recognise Palestine as a country. I was there to fly my Northern Ireland flag in the apparent absence of one.

If you happen to be in Ramallah or the West Bank part of Palestine, head over to check out Yasser’s tomb.
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Palestine Prophet's Land|انبیائے کرام کی سرزمین فسطین|Holiest place for all religions

Untold Facts about Israel

We provide the reasearched based travel history of the world and its countries,we travel to the world and provide each country culture,history,norms,tabos,sports and much more interesting facts that you dont know about the world and its countries.
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