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10 Best Places to Visit in Moldova


10 Best Places To Visit In Moldova. | Moldova Places To Visit | Travel Video.

10 best places to visit in Moldova.

Moldova is an Eastern European country and former soviet republic and has features like forests, rocky hills and vineyards. This town has a lot of ancient buildings, traditional lifestyle, and not living our historic sites like the national Museum which exhibiting arts and ethnographic collections that’s reflects cultural links with their neighbours the Romans .this country is filled with astonishing discoveries like weapons, cooking utensil, and antique piece of jewellery, and also you will be interested to know that s inhabitants of Moldova speak Gaga, Turkish dialect and some even speak English fluently. Moldova is a magical place whose magic enchants each and every visitor who steps foot hereby making it a unique place, Grace Media brings you 10 best places to visit in Moldova. Make sure you subscribe live on the like button and don’t forget to turn on your notification, so you don’t miss any of our videos.

15 Best Places to Visit in Moldova | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel

15 Best Places to Visit in Moldova | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel
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Top 10 Best Things to Do in Moldova [Moldova Travel Guide 2024]

Welcome to Moldova, a hidden gem in Eastern Europe! In this video, we will take on a virtual journey to explore the best things to do in Moldova. From breathtaking landscapes to rich cultural heritage, Moldova has it all. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a history lover, or a food enthusiast, Moldova offers a diverse range of experiences that will captivate your senses.

Discover the charming capital city, Chișinău, with its vibrant mix of architectural styles and bustling markets. Immerse yourself in the history of Moldova by visiting its impressive medieval fortresses, such as Soroca Fortress and Tighina Fortress. Marvel at the beauty of the Orheiul Vechi archaeological complex, nestled amidst stunning landscapes.

Experience the famous Moldovan wine culture by indulging in wine tastings at local wineries in Milestii Mici and Cricova. Explore the underground wine city of Cricova, where you can witness vast underground tunnels lined with aging wine barrels. Don't forget to try traditional Moldovan cuisine, known for its hearty dishes like mămăligă (polenta) and plăcinte (pastries).

Venture beyond the cities and explore the natural wonders of Moldova. Visit the stunning Tipova Monastery, carved into limestone cliffs, or hike through the picturesque Codrii Forest. Get a glimpse of rural life in Moldova by visiting traditional villages like Butuceni and see the beautifully preserved wooden houses.

Join us on this virtual tour and let us inspire you to visit Moldova, a hidden treasure in Eastern Europe. Discover the best things to do and experience the authentic charm of this enchanting country.
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▬Contents of this video▬

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Chisinau
01:35 Orheiul Vechi
02:25 Cricova Winery
03:14 Manastirea Curchi
03:57 Saharna
04:43 Capriana
05:26 Bendery
06:02 Rose Valley Park
06:36 Soroca
07:22 Taul Park and Pommer Mansion

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MOLDOVA Top 50 Tourist Places | Moldova Tourism

Moldova (Things to do - Places to Visit) - MOLDOVA Top Tourist Places
A country in Europe
Moldova, an Eastern European country and former Soviet republic, has varied terrain including forests, rocky hills, and vineyards. Its wine regions include Nistreana, known for reds, and Codru, home to some of the world’s largest cellars.

Capital Chișinău has Soviet-style architecture and the National Museum of History, exhibiting art and ethnographic collections that reflect cultural links with neighboring Romania.

MOLDOVA Top 50 Tourist Places | Moldova Tourism

Things to do in MOLDOVA - Places to Visit in Moldova

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MOLDOVA Top 50 Tourist Places - Moldova, Europe

Chișinău, MOLDOVA ???????? VISITOR GUIDE | What to do in Chisinau

Chișinău in Moldova might be one of Europe's most under appreciated capitals. Join me in this video for a look around Chisinau and all its charming corners. I hope this video can serve as a visitor guide to you if you decide to visit yourself.
Thank you for watching!





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Top 10 Places To Visit in Maldova - Moldova Tourist Attractions - Travel Maldova

Top 10 Places To Visit in Maldova - Moldova Tourist Attractions - Travel Maldova

1. Orheiul Vechi

old Orhei is a legitimate and archeological considerations boggling, arranged in Trebujeni, at 60 kilometers north-east of Chişinău, at the Răut River, in Moldova. Wikipedia

2. Tipova Monastery

situated inside the quarter with a practically identical name, Tipova Monastery is a standout amongst the most set up orders in Moldova.

3. Manastirea Curchi

Mănăstirea Curchi este o mănăstire de călugări uproar Republica Moldova, una commotion cele mai însemnate monumente brew arhitecturii basarabene.

4. Saharna

The Saharna Monastery is a non mainstream organize in Saharna, Moldova. The Sacrosanct Trinity Monastery of Saharna, orchestrated around 110 km north of Chișinău, on the correct feature of the Nistru River, is thought to be ... Wikipedia
adapt to: Saharna 5431, Moldova

5. Bendery

drinking binge is a town inside the internationally saw edges of Moldova under real control of the unrecognized Transnistria Republic considering that 1992. it is situated on the reasonable money related foundation of the conduit Dniester inside the chronicled region of Bessarabia. Wikipedia

6. Gagauzia

Gagaúzia, formally called the self managing Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, is a fair region of Moldova. Its call starts from the
Gagauz individuals. Gagaúz Yerí positively implies place of the Gagauz. Wikipedia

7. Soroca

Soroca is a Moldovan city in jap Europe organized at the Dniester move around one hundred sixty km north of Chișinău. it's miles the administrative awareness of the Soroca District. Wikipedia

8. Padurea Domneasca (Royal lush zone) home grown Reservation

The Padurea Domneasca (Royal lush zone) common Reservation is the greatest in Moldova, overlaying an assortment of 6032 ha.

9. Capriana

Căpriana profound group is a standout amongst the most prepared shelters of Moldova, situated in Căpriana, 40 km north-west of Chișinău. Wikipedia
manage: Capriana, Moldova

10. Codru home grown Reservation

Codru Reserve is a sensible protect in Străşeni District, Moldova. It got to be distinctly settled in 1971 and spreads a region of 5,177 hectares. Wikipedia

adapt to: M1, Lozova, Moldova

The Most BEAUTIFUL Place in MOLDOVA! We Didn't Expect THIS in Moldova (Old Orhei)

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WELCOME To MOLDOVA! We are on a trip with @moldovatovisit and we have been taken to Old Orhei only 1 hour outside of Chisinau and it is a historical complex in the Moldovan mountains! We were able to have lunch at the Bucuceni Eco Resort and watch all the babushka's cook our meal! We then made the short hike up to the Monastery after visiting the Surreal caves!


(at no extra cost to you!)



10 Best Places to visit In Moldova - Top Tourist Attractions In Moldova | TravelDham

Moldova is a country lying in the northeastern corner of the Balkan region of Europe. Moldova capital city is Chișinau and located in the south-central part of the country. You can Explore the 10 best places to visit in Moldova.

Some of the top tourist attractions in Moldova and best things to do while travelling for holiday vacations. Moldova is the perfect destination for people who are seeking some genuine solitude and adventure.

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2. Planning Of Itinerary
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10 Best Places To Visit In Moldova. | Moldova Places To Visit | Travel Video.

Travel to Moldova | top 10 documentary and history channels in English | fine travels

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Are you looking for a new and exciting travel destination? Look no further than Moldova! In this video, we'll explore 10 reasons why Moldova should be at the top of your travel list. From stunning landscapes to rich culture and history, Moldova has something for every type of traveler. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems of this Eastern European country and show you why it should be your next destination.

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The Best Places to Visit in Moldova, Romania

The Best Places to Visit in Moldova, Romania

Visit Moldova Romania - Discover the Cultural Heritage of the Northeastern Romania Region.
If you want to escape the daily routine, Moldova is one of the most attractive and visited touristic areas in Romania. The natives’ hospitality can be surprising in these authentic places from Moldova, Romania.
List of places:
0:00 ▶️ The medieval Neamt Citadel from Neamt County
0:19 ▶️ The Monastery Agapia is located 9 km from the town of Targu Neamt
0:20 ▶️ Coşula Landscape is situated in the south of Botosani
0:22 ▶️ The Citadel of Suceava
0:25 ▶️ The Palace of Culture from Iasi
0:33 ▶️ National Theatre from Iasi
0:43 ▶️ Iasi Landscapes
1:02 ▶️ Piatra Neamt Landscapes
1:11 ▶️ Wooden Church Muntenesti
1:29 ▶️ Varatec Monastery
1:36 ▶️ Wooden Church Muntenesti
1:42 ▶️ Episcopal Cathedral of Huşi
1:43 ▶️ The Monastery of Rachitoasa
1:46 ▶️ The Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi
1:48 ▶️ The Metropolitan Museum of Iasi
1:55 ▶️ The Monastery of Cosula
2:01 ▶️ The Wooden Monastery of Parvesti
2:12 ▶️ Cotnari Wine Cellar
2:42 ▶️ Dolhesti Aerial Landscapes
2:57 ▶️ Marginea Ceramics
3:00 ▶️ Traditional Crafts at Agapia Monastery
3:06 ▶️ Ionela Lungu
3:20 ▶️ Tradition and Gastronomy in Dolhesti
3:54 ▶️ The Equestrian Statue of Stephen the Great in Suceava

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10 Best Places to Visit in Moldova

10 Best Places to Visit in Moldova

This video is about 10 places to visit in Moldova.


Top 20 Best Places to Visit in Moldova|Travel Guide| Epic Seven2.0|History|Documentary|

Explore the enchanting beauty of Moldova with our top 20 best places to visit. From the historic capital city of Chisinau to the breathtaking landscapes of Orheiul Vechi and Cricova Winery, this video takes you on a virtual journey through the must-see destinations in Moldova. Discover the stunning monasteries, picturesque vineyards, and charming villages that showcase the rich cultural heritage of this hidden gem in Eastern Europe.
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top 20 Best Places to Visit in Moldova |Epic Seven2.0|History|Documentary|10 Best Places To Visit In Moldova. | Moldova Places To Visit | Travel Video

Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Slanic-Moldova | Romania - English

#Slanic-MoldovaPlaces #PlacesInSlanic-Moldova
Slanic-Moldova is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Romania having many best places in Slanic-Moldova. So to help you figure out the places you need to try, we've gathered up a bucket list of the best Places in Slanic-Moldova that you won't regret going to.

Wiki Peaks is on a mission to promote the tourism in the World. We are here to show you the beautiful places in the world. You can see the beauty of this world from the comfort of your home.

There are many beautiful places in Slanic-Moldova. Romania has some of the best places in Slanic-Moldova. We collected data on the top 10 places to visit in Slanic-Moldova. There are many famous places in Slanic-Moldova and some of them are beautiful places in Slanic-Moldova. People from all over Romania love these Slanic-Moldova beautiful places which are also Slanic-Moldova famous places. In this video, we will show you the beautiful places to visit in Slanic-Moldova.

Please help us in our cause and share this channel as much as possible with your friends and family.

***All images used in this video are a property of their owners. We have no intention of showing these images as our own property. We used these images just to promote tourism.***

Top 10 Things To Do In Moldova

Moldova is a small country that offers an interesting mix of culture, cuisine, and fun. Living in the shadows of its neighbors, the country has developed an interesting mix of traditions and culture. Here is the list of top 10 things to do in Moldova based on my experience traveling through Moldova.

00:00 Welcome
00:49 Visit a Luxury Spa
01:33 Sample Local Food
03:17 Visit A Village
03:53 Soviet Architecture
04:37 Visit Transnistria
05:28 Nightlife of Chisinau
06:21 Soroca Castle
06:48 Wineries
08:16 Orthodox Churches
09:28 Rock Monasteries of Orhei and Tipova


#10ThingsToDoInMoldova #brownboytravels

Best places to visit in Moldova

In this video we discussed about the best places to visit in Moldova

#10bestplacestovisitinmoldova #top10placestovisitinmaldova #10placestovisitinmaldova #moldova #traveltomoldova

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Exploring Moldova: Unveiling the Hidden Gems - Top 10 Must-Visit Places!

Welcome to our YouTube video on the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Moldova - Exploring Moldova: Unveiling the Hidden Gems! In this video, we take you on an incredible journey through Moldova, showcasing its most breathtaking destinations. From historical landmarks to stunning natural wonders, Moldova has it all. So pack your bags and join us as we uncover the must-visit places that this beautiful country has to offer.

Welcome to the enchanting country of Moldova, a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. In this video, we will take you on a journey to the top 10 must-visit places in Moldova. Get ready to uncover the rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and unique experiences this country has to offer. So, let's begin our adventure!

Our first stop is Chisinau, the lively capital of Moldova. Explore its charming streets, visit the majestic Nativity Cathedral, and indulge in the local cuisine at the bustling Central Market.

Next, we head to Orheiul Vechi, a breathtaking archaeological complex carved into the cliffs. Here, you can wander through ancient caves, visit the centuries-old monastic complex, and take in panoramic views of the Raut River.

Nature lovers, rejoice! The Padurea Domneasca National Park is a paradise of pristine forests, tranquil lakes, and diverse wildlife. Take a leisurely hike, go birdwatching, or simply bask in the serenity of this stunning nature reserve.

No visit to Moldova is complete without exploring the famous Milestii Mici Winery. Descend into the world's largest underground wine cellar, where you'll be surrounded by millions of bottles of aging wine. Enjoy a tasting of exquisite local varieties and experience the true spirit of Moldovan winemaking.

Prepare to be transported back in time as we arrive in Soroca, known as the Romantic Capital of Moldova. Explore the impressive Soroca Fortress, delve into the vibrant Roma culture, and don't forget to try the delicious traditional dishes.

Our next stop takes us to the picturesque village of Butuceni, nestled amidst fantastic rock formations. Discover the authentic rural life, stay in traditional guesthouses, and savor the renowned homemade Moldovan food.

For a truly unique experience, head to Cricova, a town known for its underground city of wine. Embark on a magical journey through the labyrinthine cellars and taste the finest sparkling wines hidden beneath the earth's surface.

Moldova is home to the oldest open-air museum in the country - the Old Orhei Ethnographic Complex. Immerse yourself in the traditional way of life, explore ancient dwellings, and witness traditional crafts being practiced by skilled artisans.

Our penultimate destination is Tipova Monastery, a place of unparalleled beauty and tranquility. Marvel at the stunning cliffside complex, visit the intriguing caves, and take a moment of reflection in this spiritual haven.

Last but not least, we have the legendary wine region of Purcari. Indulge in wine tasting sessions, stroll through the vineyards, and learn about the intricate art of winemaking in one of Moldova's most renowned wine-producing areas.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey through Moldova. We hope you've been inspired to visit these hidden gems and experience the unique charm of this remarkable country. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more travel adventures and hit the bell icon to receive notifications. Until next time, happy travels!

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CHISINAU Top 50 Tourist Places | Chișinău Tourism | MOLDOVA

Chișinău (Things to do - Places to Visit) - CHISINAU Top Tourist Places
Capital of Moldova
Chișinău is the capital of Eastern Europe's Republic of Moldova. Amid blocks of Soviet-style architecture are landmarks including the neoclassical Nativity Cathedral.

The dome-topped church anchors Chișinău's Cathedral Park, a plaza with a Triumphal Arch celebrating Russia's 19th-century victory over the Ottoman Empire. Stephen the Great Central Park is named for a Moldovan prince who resisted Ottoman rule.

CHISINAU Top 50 Tourist Places | Chișinău Tourism

Things to do in CHISINAU - Places to Visit in Chișinău

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CHISINAU Top 50 Tourist Places - Chișinău, Moldova, Europe

Top 10 Things Must-Do's in Moldova 2024

Looking for the ultimate Moldova travel guide for 2024? Look no further! In this exciting video, we've partnered with Indie Travel Podcast to bring you the top 10 things to do in Moldova. Explore the hidden gems and must-visit attractions that this beautiful country has to offer. From historical landmarks to cultural experiences, adventure activities to delicious cuisine, we've got you covered. So, if you're planning a trip to Moldova or simply want to explore this fascinating destination from the comfort of your own home, don't miss out on this engaging video. Like, share, and start planning your Moldova adventure today!


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:32 Number 10 - Exploring Chisinau
00:01:06 Number 9 - Visiting Old Orhei
00:01:45 Number 8 - Tasting Moldovan Wine
00:02:20 Number 7 - Visiting the Capriana Monastery
00:02:57 Number 6 - Exploring the National Museum of History
00:03:36 Number 5 - Visiting the Soroca Fortress
00:04:11 Number 4 - Discovering the Saharna Monastery
00:04:41 Number 3 - Touring the Cricova Winery
00:05:16 Number 2 - Visiting the Triumphal Arch and Nativity Cathedral
00:05:52 Number 1 - Experiencing the Moldovan Culture
00:06:31 Conclusion

Top 10 cities to visit in Moldova????????

In this short video, you will be informed about the Top 10 Cities to visit in Moldova. Please note that the information mentioned here is what we find on the internet. and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us tell the world about this. We hope to inform you in some way. Thank you very much.

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Moldova most beautiful places to visit | Chisinau city, nature, landscapes | drone video 4k

Moldova is an Obligatory Destination in a Tourist Guide
Discover a new, beautiful country for yourself. In this video, you’ll see Moldova best places to visit. You’ll find out the most breath-catching views and nice landscapes , which each traveler should see during a trip to the country. Shooting is made by a drone in 4k format. It provides a high-quality video for viewing on any screen. Thus, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the country regardless of the chosen device resolution. It will help you create your own guide and TOP places that you want to see while having leisure time in the country.

Moldova most beautiful places
Moldova is full of picturesque landscapes, historical sightseeing, and admiring views. When visiting the county, a traveler plunges into the atmosphere of relaxation and joy. This is the place when time stops, and a person can admire a lovely pastime.
Moldova is rich in adorable views. These include natural parks and gardens, historical monuments, and spectacular art pieces. The country is the place that managed to successfully combine the heritage of nature and history with modern buildings. Thus, each tourist will find sightseeing to his/her taste.

Various famous locations have different styles. Here, you can observe either urban jungles or rural landscapes. When you pass along the streets of a city, you admire the sophisticated architecture of different epochs. The country has preserved historical monuments related to different centuries. Thus, the place will be interesting either for ancient or modern architecture fans. Nature lovers can visit a national park. After an intensive excursion in the city, a tourist can have rest sitting in a shady alley and admiring the picturesque nature.

The capital of the state is not the only place that is worth a traveler’s attention. If you come to the country for several days, do not stay in the city through your holidays. Leave a day or even two to visit the suburbs. You’ll open a completely different view to yourself. You’ll feel the taste of freedom and unity with nature. Mountains, plains, and cliffs will leave you speechless. When staying at the foot of a mountain or on the edge of a precipice, admiring landscapes will make you hold your breath.

This is what you can see in the video. Observing the territory from the bird’s eye view is the most memorable pastime. Our drone has shot the most admiring places in the country. If you’re going to visit the state, do not skip an opportunity to visit to the highest point of the state (for example, climb a mountain, go to an observation deck).
You’ll observe the same views in reality but your feelings will be one hundred times stronger. Believe that this activity won’t leave you indifferent. Emotions will overwhelm you.

Moldova best places to visit:
1. Orheiul Vechi
2. Soroca Fortress
3. Monasteries of Moldova
4. Chisinau City

As you discover the country, you understand that this is the perfect place to go to for a honeymoon or a holiday. The state is ready to offer different kinds of entertainment to any taste and size of the wallet. These include:
Numerous cafes, restaurants, cinemas, night clubs for going out at night;
City tours and excursions to local attractions;
Museums, galleries, exhibitions;
Sunbathing under sunlight;
Renting a yacht and making a voyage across a local reservoir;
Visiting craft farms and finding out secrets of local production;
Getting acquainted with local traditions and customs.

The list of offered activities is not complete. Each traveler has different priorities, aims, and tastes. Thus, there is no single guide on where to go. Everyone decides for him-/herself where to go and what to see. Moldova has a great variety of options. The country is ready to please different travelers and offers exciting ways to spend
a weekend. Pick the most suitable ones according to your interests and preferences.
When choosing the place to live in during a trip, travelers have a choice between several options. These are a comfortable hotel in the city, a room in a guest house, a cozy country house, a bungalow near a reservoir. Everything is done so that to satisfy each visitor and
provide him/her with the desired facilities.

To draw the line, make sure that Moldova is the place you must visit in your life to discover another reality and meet people that stick to other traditions, customs, and believes. This is one of the places on the world map where a tourist can feel freedom and
satisfaction just walking through the city or resting somewhere out of busy urban corners.
Moldova beautiful places to visit. Here is a short video captured entirely by a drone in 4k. Vlog helps you plan your summer trip to Switzerland and shows you the most scenic travel destinations. TOP 10 best places to see when visiting this amazing country.

Like and share if you like this episode and subscribe to “Beautiful Places” on YouTube to see other awesome travel videos:



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