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10 Best Places to Visit in Neutral Zone


Top 10 cities with the best weather in the United States. Bring your sunblock.

Top 10 cities with the best weather in the United States.

This video is the end of our 3 part weather series. Now you know where it's cold, where it's hot and where it's almost perfect. And where you need sunblock.

Thanks for stopping by The world according to Briggs, I make lists. Not just lists of random stuff, I make them about states, cities, towns, and other places in the United States. I post 3 times a week and sometimes live stream. Enjoy.

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25 Greatest Natural Wonders of the World - Travel Video

Massive glaciers, staggering mountains, plains dotted with wild animals: We sure live in a big, beautiful world. And while pinpointing all of Mother Nature's greatest hits could take a lifetime, we think these out-of-this-world landscapes and awe-inspiring wonders, from Arizona to Antarctica, need to move to the very top of your travel list.

10 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

Sri Lanka may be a small island in the Indian Ocean but that’s the only thing small about it. The country, formerly known as Ceylon, boasts an ancient civilization, golden sandy beaches with their swaying coconut palms, mountains, and tea plantations. While visiting the island, you’ll see colonial architecture from the days when the Portuguese, Dutch and English ruled. You’ll also see lots of elephants, some of which participate in local festivals and, if you’re lucky, perhaps a leopard or two at a wildlife sanctuary. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Sri Lanka:

10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland - Travel Video

14 Most Scenic Small Towns in Switzerland

10 Most Beautiful Castles in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country that sits smack dab in the middle of the Alps, making for 360-degree scenery wherever a person finds themselves. Numerous lakes also add to the picture postcard look of this country, whose most famous citizen may have been the fictional Heidi. From banks to bucolic alpine meadows, Switzerland has it all. An overview of the best places to visit in Switzerland:

The 10 Best Places To Live In The Alberta | Canada

Are you considering a move to a new Canadian city to make a better life?
Alberta is a province in Western Canada. Its landscape encompasses mountains, prairies, desert badlands, and vast coniferous forests.
It is Canada's fourth-most populous province and the most populous of Canada's three prairie provinces.
Alberta has more than 600 lakes and rich mineral deposits. In the west, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks have glaciers in the Columbia Icefields.
The Waterton Glacier International Peace Park is a biosphere reserve that straddles the southern border with the USA.
You can find several smaller towns and cities that are perfect for raising a family, finding a good job, or simply enjoying a quiet retirement.
Over the last five years, the province of Alberta has seen it’s population skyrocket due to people coming to the province to find work.
With its scenic beauty, no provincial tax, and higher average wages anywhere in the country, Alberta offers a high quality of life that’s hard to find elsewhere.
We’ve taken a look at some statistics and compiled a list of the 10 best places to live in Alberta:
10. Banff.
9. Lethbridge.
8. Camrose.
7. Jasper.
6. Medicine Hat.
5. Canmore.
4. Strathcona County.
3. Calgary.
2. Edmonton.
1. St. Albert.
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China Tourism - Ancient Fenghuang town

Ancient Fenghuang, a village in central China, used to be a frontier town, separating the Han civilization from the Miao and Dong minorities. It was an important regional center for trade and cultural exchange.

The riverside setting of the village, with its wooden stilt houses and narrow mysterious back alleys, makes it one of the most attractive places in the region.

These days, it has become a major tourist destination. While some traditions remain, much of the town has been set up to cater for the influx of new visitors, in some ways changing the face of the village beyond recognition.

Either way, Fenghuang provides an interesting glimpse of the many challenges and contrasts that exist in China today.

Copyright of all footage: Hoffer Media

출항~만선까지..'드라마틱' 참치 투망 작전 1시간 몰아보기

태평양 솔로몬 제도의 과달카날 섬에서 출항한 참치 잡이 퍼세이너 올림피아 호는 한 달 동안 악전고투 끝에 참치 1000톤을 잡아 어창을 가득 채우는데 성공한다. 만선에 이르기 까지 바다 위에서 벌어졌던 드라마 같은 참치 추격전 그리고 선장의 렛고 명령으로 시작되는 전쟁 같은 한 달 간의 투망 작전들을 모두 모았다.

00:00 과달카날 에서 출항
01:13 카메라 앞 첫 투망
02:48 당황한 선장..정밀 투망
15:20 한.중.일 해상 대 격돌
22:52 짐승과 형님
37:30 일촉즉발..반격 개시
45:31 공포의 저녁방
55:05 어둠 속의 투망 작전
01:05:00 300톤 짜리 등장
01:12:49 만선이다!
01:18:43 야생 돌고래의 축하쇼

#흰국장 #참치잡이 #투망

Chittagong has some of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh

Chittagong is one of the most important districts in Bangladesh. The district occupies the trade capital of Bangladesh. The 2nd most important city and largest port lies here. Shitakunda and MIrsharai are 2 very prominent sub-districts of Chittagong. Both of them are incredibly scenic and their demands are soaring high in the eyes of tourists.

Places presented in this video are-
1. Mohamaya Lake, Mirsharai
2. Guliakhali Beach, Shitakunda
3. Naval Road, Chittagong city
4. Kumira Sandwip Ferry Terminal, Shitakunda
5. Patenga Beach, Chittagong City
6. Chandranath Hill, Shitakunda
7. Bhatiyari Lake, Shitakunda

Additional glimpses of-
1. Banshbaria Beach
2. Foy,s Lake
3. CRB Hills
4. Khoiachara Cascade
5. Shah Amanat Bridge

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Feel Nice - Rick Steel
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Living in Paris is not as great as you might think..

Get MY BOOK 'I lived in Shanghai' on Amazon! the whole TRUTH about my experience living in China... WATCH THIS in this vlog I tried to explain a little bit better what I meant by saying that living in Paris is not as great as people might think!
My life as a Luxury Brand Management student in Paris, including visit to Louis Vuitton Foundation, Pierre Marcolini store, IFA Paris, a lot of metro rides and even more baguettes ;)

As you guys know I moved to Paris to continue my MBA degree a couple fo months ago, this video was filmed during a very busy period of my life when I couldn't really allow myself to focus on vlogging as much as I wish I could, at first I didn't really know what to do with all this random footage that I had, but then I decided to put up this video together to show what my life has really been like these last couple of months in Paris.



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Hi! My name is Kaja :) I grew up between Poland and Denmark, and for the past couple of years I have been living in Copenhagen, Shanghai, Bangkok and Paris, making videos about my travels, daily life and fashion. I'm currently doing a MBA degree in Luxury Brand Management in Shanghai and Paris.

This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Keywords: paris, paris vlog, france, studying abroad, IFA Paris, MBA in Paris, luxury brand management, living in paris, studying abroad, china, shanghai, expats in paris, expats in shanghai, living in china, studying in shanghai, bangkok, thailand, travel vlogs, living in asia, polka w paryżu, warsaw, polska blogerka, polish youtuber, thailand, manila, philippines

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10 Things NOT To Do in Austria!

Every culture has a few customs that tourists need to be aware of, if they want to stay on the right side of the locals. Follow these tips and you’ll have a great time in Austria!

1. Never Mistake Austria for Germany
Although it is a German-speaking country, Austria is completely separate to its neighbor. The language, food, and culture can be vastly different from Germany, and Austrians won’t be too happy if you get the two confused.

2. Don't Mistake the Nationality of a Wiener Schnitzel
A schnitzel is a German dish consisting of a pounded piece of meat that is bread-crumbed and fried. But a Wiener Schnitzel is made using veal, and is an Austrian dish, protected by Austrian law.

3. Never Mention The Sound of Music…
Although it may be hard to believe, the film was a complete flop in Germany and Austria when it premiered in 1965. Austrians resented the historical inaccuracies depicting their heritage, while Germans found 'other themes' (VISUAL: Nazi's in the film, WITHOUT SHOWING THE SWASTIKA) difficult to swallow so soon after World War II.

4. Don't Mention Arnie!
Despite having lived away from Austria for over 30 years, he’s still considered one of the only famous Austrians. However, there are other far more relevant popular Austrian cultural figures, such as celebrity Conchita Wurst, the winner of the 2014 Euro-vision Song Contest.

5. Don't Ask if They Wear Lederhosen
You might see a few Lederhosen-clad men wandering around the city, but they will mostly be in fancy dress. Austrians are pretty up to date with their attire, so do refrain from asking about the whereabouts of their leather trousers.

6. Don't Go During Main Season
Tourism is the biggest industry in the country and the most scenic cities can be pretty crowded especially during the summer months. This makes driving in Austria challenging. So book tickets and transport in advance if visiting between June and September and during advent in November.

7. Don't Pay Too Much Tax
If you are a non-EU citizen, you will get the value-added tax reimbursed at your departure (typically at an airport). Considering that VAT is an impressive 20 percent in Austria, even medium-priced souvenirs justify the hassle with forms.

8. Don′t Order Tap Water
I know that′s silly in a country that has extremely high-quality tap water straight from the Alps, but ordering tap water is generally considered rude in Austria. There were even instances where landlords charged more for tap water than bottled water.

9. Don't Buy in Tourist Trap Shops
Souvenirs are often exorbitantly expensive in many touristy places such as city centers. For classic souvenirs like Mozartkugeln or liquors, supermarkets or duty-free zones are always better than souvenir shops. No Austrian would buy chocolates or booze in a souvenir shop.

10. Don't Forget Ötzi
This is the 5300 year old ice mummy that was found in the 1990's in the Tyrolean mountains. He died wearing sandals in alpine terrain, which made a comedian speculate whether Ötzi was German. If you don't want to end up like Ötzi remember to bring hiking boots, warm clothing, sun block and a mobile phone.

Where do you want to know what not to do in next?
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Ten best ADULTS ONLY Cancun Resorts ???????? Mexico

In today's video, we take a look at ten of the best adults only resorts in Cancun, some of which are all-inclusive. If you are going on a trip to Mexico, this review will be very useful for you. Consider all the advantages that make these hotels and resorts the best, as well as all the main disadvantages that you should know about!

Resorts in video:
Royal Service At Paradisus Cancun
TRS Coral Hotel
Haven Riviera Cancun
Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige
Secrets The Vine Cancun
Live Aqua Beach Resort
Hyatt Zilara Cancun
Beloved Playa Mujeres
Excellence Playa Mujeres
Le Blanc Spa Resort

#mexico #cancun #travel #vacation

Zypern auf eigene Faust | WDR Reisen

Andrea Grießmann erkundet Zypern, die geteilte Insel im östlichen Mittelmeer, im Mietwagen (Achtung: Linksverkehr!) auf eigene Faust.

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Auf WDR Reisen erfährst Du alles über Sehenswürdigkeiten und Geheimtipps, Erholung und Abenteuer, nah und fern, Aufbruch und Ankommen – das alles ist WDR Reisen, der Youtube-Reisekanal des Westdeutschen Rundfunks. Wir machen Lust auf Städte, Länder, Menschen, kurz: aufs Reisen – mit kurzen und langen Reportagen und Dokumentationen des WDR, unter anderen aus den Reise-Sendungen Wunderschön!, 2 für 300, Erlebnisreisen.
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Saudi Arabia Travel
#SaudiArabia #Medina #WadiEJinn

This vlog is about the our experience of visiting the magnetic hills of Wadi e Jinn near Madina.

Top Caribbean All-Inclusive Resorts for SINGLES!

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Top 10 Best Luxury All-Inclusive Resorts In The World

The World's Best Luxury All-inclusive resorts are just one flight away let's explore together what money can buy at an ultra-luxury all-inclusive resort in Tahiti or in the Seychelles we have created this list to help you make a once in a lifetime decision about where to spend 15000 dollars a night for a stay at an ultra extravagant all-inclusive resort at an exclusive location. We hope you enjoy our best luxury resorts in the world list let us know in the comment section which of the top 10 best luxury all inclusive resorts in the world resort would you go to if money was not an issue?

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Paradise on the Sea of Cancun 2020 ???? Is It Worth SPENDING so much MONEY? ????❌ by Cesar James is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Mexico's Riviera Maya Over the Water Bungalows | El Dorado Maroma Palafitos by Jeanie Marie is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Jumby Bay Island Destination Wedding Weekend by GSD Creative is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Seychelles - MOST EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE ISLAND in the world, VIRTUAL REALITY tour of North Island VR 360 by Virtual Luxury Travel Channel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Ayada Maldives by Bülent İnce best all inclusive resorts is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
SURF THE MALDIVES AT AYADA RESORT by Perfect Wave Travel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
The Brando resort - Your moment of zen by Virtual Luxury Travel Channel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Wonderful Seychelles by Island Tour Seychelles top 10 all inclusive resorts is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Tico Reizen | Nihi Sumba (Indonesië) by Tico Reizen best luxury all inclusive resorts is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Sumba Love Story by JuaraProductions is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
The Great Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara Kenya 08-2021 4K HDR by Jukka Lämsä is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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Переезд на Северный Кипр 2022 | Выбираем лучшие районы Северного Кипра с помощью эзотерики

Переезд на Северный Кипр 2022 | Выбираем лучшие районы Северного Кипра с помощью эзотерики
Друзья, сегодня мы встретимся с известным кармологом и нумерологом - Алиной, специалистом по науки Васту. Она расскажет, почему казахи выбирают Северный Кипр 2022 году, для жизни на море.
Также мы будем выбирать лучшие районы Северного Кипра с точки зрения эзотерики. В каком месте лучше выбрать квартиру на Кипре - Искеле или Гирне, Фамагуста или Эсентепе.

По всем вопросам о Северном Кипре вы можете обращаться к нам:
-вопросы оформления ВНЖ
-вопросы по карантину
-вопросы по покупке и аренды недвижимости
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Друзья, всем огромный привет. Мы, семья из Беларуси, решили переехать на Северный Кипр в 2021 году.
Благодаря тому, что мы сумели получить ВНЖ Северного Кипра, мы смогли купить недвижимость и осуществить переезд на Северный Кипр.
В своём блоге мы хотим рассказать об этой стране. Мы покажем лучшие районы Северного Кипра,которые подходят для ПМЖ на Северном Кипре,
Мы покажем все плюсы и минусы этого государства. Вы сможете увидеть квартиры и виллы Северного Кипра, которые находятся в популярном комплексе Цезарь-Резорт в Искеле, рядом с одним из лучших пляжей Кипра Лонг-Бич, а также в других районах, таках как Гирне,Лапта,Алсанжак и многих других.
Мы поможем ответить вам на вопрос:
-Какой район Северного Кипра подходит лучше для отдыха,а какой для ПМЖ?
Вы также увидите самые красивые пляжи и лучшие рестораны Северного Кипра.
Также вы узнаете ,каким застройщикам Северного Кипра можно доверять, а с какими лучше не связываться.
Давайте вместе путешествовать по этой стране!
Friends, a huge hello to everyone. We, a family from Belarus, decided to move to Northern Cyprus in 2021.
Thanks to the fact that we managed to get a residence permit in Northern Cyprus, we were able to buy a property and move to Northern Cyprus.
In our blog, we want to tell you about this country. We will show you the best areas of Northern Cyprus that are suitable for permanent residence in Northern Cyprus,
We will show all the pros and cons of this state. You will be able to see apartments and villas in Northern Cyprus, which are located in the popular Caesar Resort complex in Iskel, near one of the best beaches in Cyprus, Long Beach, as well as in other areas,such as Girne,Lapta, Alsanjak and many others.
We will help you answer your question:
-Which area of Northern Cyprus is better suited for recreation,and which for permanent residence?
You will also see the most beautiful beaches and the best restaurants in Northern Cyprus.
You will also learn which developers of Northern Cyprus can be trusted, and which ones are better not to contact.
Let's travel around this country together !

1:00 Северный Кипр 2022
2:00 Северный Кипр
3:00 Северный Кипр недвижимость
4:00 Лучшие районы Северного Кипра
5:00 Квартира на Северном Кипре
6:00 Застройщики Северного Кипра
7:00 Северный Кипр сегодня
8:00 Переезд на Северный Кипр
9:00 Русские на Кипре
10:00 Беларусы на Кипре
11:00 Северный Кипр жизнь
12:00 Казахи на Кипре
13:00 Недвижимость на Кипре
14:00 Эзотерика
15:00 Дом по васту

#северныйкипр2022 #недвижимостьсеверногокипра #каревыжизньнакипре

10 Unique Places Where Gravity Is Zero

Planet Earth lives by the laws of gravity discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. Gravity is constant. It's something entirely unshakeable that we can always rely on in this ever-changing world, right? Umm, not really. In fact, it’s not as honest and clear as you think.

There are gravitational anomalies in some places where gravity behaves like it’s gone crazy. In such places this law can’t be applied: there, a car can go uphill with its engine off, a waterfall doesn’t fall, and a very heavy boulder can sit on top of a rock at a very strange angle without tumbling down.

Where cars crawl upwards 0:40
Where trees twist to the north at the roots 1:41
Where a waterfall moves upwards 2:30
Where water flows up instead of spilling down 3:14
Where different objects roll uphill 3:59
Where a boulder sits upon the edge of a cliff 4:43
One more boulder defying gravity 5:41
Devils Tower 6:54
Where you can’t stand straight 7:58
The Hudson Bay anomaly 8:54

#gravity #anomaly #brightside

- There’s a stretch of road in India that’s been attracting tourists from all over the world. If you stop your car on the Magnetic Hill going up the slope and put it on neutral, it’ll start crawling upwards, eventually reaching the speed of up to 12 mph.
- Near the village of Nowe Czarnowo, there’s a forest, in the depth of which you can find a strangely looking pine grove. Planted in 1930s, there are 400 trees that sharply twist to the north almost at the roots and then grow upwards in a semicircle.
- Ever seen an upward moving waterfall? You can have a look at one on the Faroe Islands halfway from Iceland to Scotland.
- If you ever get up to the top of the dam, which is about 726 ft high, you can try a little trick: take a bottle of water and pour it over the edge. You’ll see the water flow up instead of spilling down.
- Another gravitational anomaly located on a road. Locals once found out that, if you put an empty can or a bottle on the ground, it will immediately start rolling uphill.
- If you happen to be in Burma, make sure to visit this well-known site. A gold-leaf covered boulder sits upon the edge of a cliff, and a small pagoda is built on top of it. The impressive thing about the rock is that it only lightly touches the cliff for support.
- If there ever was a thing that said “I defy gravity” out loud, it’s the Stone of Davasco. The huge 300-ton boulder stands precariously on the edge of a cliff and rocks a little bit from side to side in the wind.
- The true mind-blowing feature of Devils Tower is that scientists can’t explain how it came to existence in the first place. You see, it’s an 867-foot rock formation with walls so steep they’re basically vertical. This piece of stone just rose amid rolling plains of Wyoming with nothing like it for miles and miles around.-
- The House of Mystery in Gold Hill, Oregon, amazes its visitors with gravity-defying effects: you can’t stand straight there, always leaning to the side and having to hold on to something for balance.
- Hudson Bay, Canada, is probably the only place in the world where gravity is indeed lower than anywhere else on the planet! Even skeptics can’t smirk at it because the difference has been measured with precision equipment.

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KANYAM & ILAM Trip , East Nepal (कन्याम - इलाम र श्रीअन्तु ) PawanSam Vlog

Kanyam is a tourist destination in Ilam District, Suryodaya Municipality in the Mechi Zone of Nepal.

Eastern Nepal Tour. Watch Amazing and Beautiful Tea Garden of Kanyam and Shree Antu, Nepal with Ariel Drone Shot Video.

हाम्रो पुर्ब नेपाल को इलाम मा पर्ने ,सुन्दर चिया बगान कन्याम को यात्रा .तपाइले कन्याम को सुन्दर दृश्य यस video मा हेर्न सक्नु हुनेछ .

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PawanSam Vlog

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East Nepal Trip 2018



#Kanyam #Ilam #DroneVideo

11 Best Places to Visit in Bhutan | Travel Vlog | 4K | The Planet D

Amazing things do in Bhutan? From Timphu to Paro, We count down the top 11 places to see in the country.
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Dave and Deb of The Planet D share their favourite places to visit in Bhutan in their latest travel vlog.
Enjoy our travel video? Read more at Things to do in Bhutan on The Planet D

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We met the King of Bhutan:
Bhutan Trek to Laya -

Gray Langur Tours invited us on their very first Bhutan Tour to experience the second annual Royal Highlander Festival.
Gray Langur offers travel, treks and cultural cultural tours to Bhutan:

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►Searching for Happiness at the HIghlander Festival in Bhutan

Watch this video to find out the more unique things to see and do in Bhutan. Bhutan is expensive and most people have limited time, so we round up the best sites so you can make the most of your time.

►What to see in Bhutan:
1. Tiger's Nest Monastery
2. Festivals - Royal Highlander Festival
3. Phunaka Dzong
4. Trekking to the Himalayas
5. Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten
6. Whitewater Rafting
7. Fertility Temple
8. Dochula Pass
9.Buddha Dordenma
10.Suspension Bridge
11. Meet the locals

Shot with Sony System Cameras (we are not affiliated with Sony)

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↠ Gimble -
↠ GoPro hero 5 session-
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↠ Zeiss 16-35 F4 :
↠ SONY 70-200 F4:
↠ Zeiss 24-70 F4:
↠ ROKINON 14mm F2.8:
↠ Gitzo GT2542 Mountaineer Series:
↠ lav mic:
↠ Manfrotto MH-054 Q5
↠ Blackrapid over shoulder strap:
↠ SD Cards -

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