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10 Best Places to Visit in Netherlands Antilles


10 Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands - Travel Video

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The Netherlands is a densely populated country in part reclaimed from the sea with about half of its land lying below sea level. Many tourist only come to the Netherlands to visit Amsterdam. But Holland has plenty to offer outside its capital. Crisscrossed with canals, the flat landscape is perfect for cycling with historic town centers and classic windmills sprinkled across the country. During springtime the flower gardens become great tourist attractions providing a bold spectacle of vivid colors. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in the Netherlands.

Best Caribbean Islands 2022 | Top 20 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Best Caribbean Islands 2022 - The Top 20 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean. In this video we are going to give you the best caribbean islands 2022, a Caribbean travel guide as we share with you the top 20 best places to visit in the Caribbean. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, as our #1 best caribbean island 2022 is the best place to visit in the caribbean and will show you the true meaning of iconic!

The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire | You Might Not Need to Work

You often dream of quitting your job, ditching it all and moving to paradise.
In this video, International Living revealed top 10 cheapest places to live & retire for 2019, and the reasons why we think these are the best places to consider.
The list isn't just for retirees, it's also for people who want to live somewhere so cheap that they don't have to work.
10. Spain.
9. Thailand.
8. Peru.
7. Portugal.
6. Colombia.
5. Malaysia.
4. Ecuador.
3. Mexico.
2. Costa Rica.
1. Panama.
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Best Caribbean islands To Visit Documentary Travel Show TV 4k Tour Full Episode Top 10 Caribbean

Come explore the Best Caribbean Islands To Visit

The Caribbean islands are a popular tourist destination. The islands have a variety of attractions including beaches and snorkeling and diving. In addition, the food is famous all over the world for its delicious flavors and spices that come from all over the region.

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My 10 Favorite Countries (After Visiting Them All)

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Where to Travel ALONE for the FIRST TIME (10 Best Countries)

10 countries that are perfect for first-time solo travelers!
I've traveled to over 65 countries solo, and these 10 places are where I'd recommend you to go if you are traveling alone for the first time. From Southeast Asia to Europe, we've got nearly every continent, budget, and interest group covered.
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In this vlog, I am sharing 10 of the best countries in terms of safety, solo travel-friendliness, unique things to do and so much more. If you are planning a solo adventure for the first time, this vlog will give you all of the inspiration you need! Comment down below the country on this list that's the most intriguing to you!

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Martinique Island Guide

travelguru Cathy Bartrop takes us on a tour of the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Explaining the island's geography and highlighting the key attractions, discover the best places to stay and where to find the best beaches.

12 SHOCKINGLY AFFORDABLE Destinations for Budget Travel in 2021

The 12 countries I’m covering in this video are a right of passage for any avid traveler in 2021 and they may be touristy, but you’ll come to find that they are touristy for very good reasons.

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No matter what continent, there are always places you can visit on a budget- the best thing you can do when learning how to travel is realizing that No destination is really ever “too expensive”. You just have to get creative with it. The things you look for when you’re just getting started seeing the world is
1. Budget Friendly prices
2. Safe and easy to navigate
3. Filled once in a lifetime experiences

I’ve lived on anywhere between $15-$60 USD per day while traveling and depending on where in the world I was, I was able to fully experience each destination.

Speaking from my experiences, I would say that roughly 75% of places around the world can be done on a budget but it takes time to develop money saving hacks and habits so if you are just starting out it’s good to get a few, budget friendly and easy countries under your belt.

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24 HOURS on the SMALLEST ISLAND in the Caribbean | Saba Travel Vlog

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The Island of Saba in the Caribbean is so unique that when we heard about it, we just had to go see it for ourselves! It is home to the shortest commercial runway in the world (400 meters), and has the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We were only here for 24 hours, but we made the most of it and hiked to the very top to be the highest people in all of the Netherlands and see spectacular views of the island!

Travel vlog 590 | Saba Island | Country #84/100 | Filmed January 2019

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Curaçao bucket list: 10 best things to see and do in Curaçao (incl. hidden gems)

What to do in Curaçao? These are my 10 favorite things to see and do in Curaçao!
Be amazed by these 10 top experiences in Curaçao!

•Spotting flamingos
•Climb the Christoffel Mountain
•Shete Boka
•Secret natural bridge at Playa Canoa
•Secret sea cave
•Swim with turtles
•Curaçao beaches
•Eat the best food
•Stay at the best hotels

Read more about Curaçao here:

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This video was sponsored by the Curaçao Tourism Board.

Curacao - A Virtual Tour | Netherlands Antilles | Dutch Caribbean Island | ABC Islands | Travel VLog

Curaçao is one of the 3 Dutch Caribbean islands located 40 miles north of Venezuelan coast.
Together with Aruba and Bonaire it forms the ABC islands as a colonial territory of the Kingdom of Netherlands. The country is just 40 miles long and 5 miles wide with Willemstad as the capital and the downtown too.It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.
A good news for the travelers is that you dont need a Schengen Visa to visit and for Indian passport, a Valid US visa on the passport is enough to enter.
The country is very colorful with its iconic buildings and architecture resembling Netherlands in Caribbean setup.
One of the engineering marvels you will see in downtown is the Queen Emma Bridge.
It is a pontoon bridge built in 1888 serving as a customs entry and exit point for the ocean going ships.Its fun watching it work and the people in bridge stuck for atleast 30 minutes while it closes again for operation.It happens for every ship entering and leaving
Its pretty laid back there and its so refreshing walking around with the colorful buildings and loud caribbean music all over...
The best way to see the country is by taking a day trip and I took a whole day scuba and snorkel trip with a bunch of fellow divers in a scuba bus with the gears and refreshments loaded
The official outfit for the day was swim suit or shorts with t shirts on and off between dives and snorkelling...
The beaches are so beautiful with the blues and greens and can spend the whole day just watching it... Every street leads to a beach or a bay ...The weather was perfect and the ocean was warm...
We spent a lot of time in the water diving or snorkeling with the beautiful and colorful fishes big and small...And also on the shore relaxing during the break under the shade with the breeze drying us while refreshing.The water was so clear that we could see the floor of the ocean from the cliff
The light blue or green parts are the shallows and the dark blue the depths
It was so beautiful and enticing to jump off the cliff and take a dip...I did not know swimming so was just watching others jump !
Next day I took off to Klein Curaçao which means little Curacao.It was a 2.5hr journey in a small cruise ship experiencing every wave and was a bumpy ride with heavy rains...Once you reach you can just see a lighthouse and a couple of huts to serve food and nothing else...After docking you have the whole day to spend the way you want...It is a small island just 0.6 sq miles and I decided to walk around and climb up the lighthouse to have a panoramic view of the ocean and then to the other side to check out the ship wrecks...
I wish I could freeze the time and just stay here ...
I just loved the time alone and away from the worlds pace , noise , internet and especially phones...
Then I got into the water snorkeling with turtles and colorful fishes...
The turtles were so curious and they wanted to swim and play with me...
In the mainland Curaçao I tried underwater scooter ride to interact with the sea creatures like sea urchins and sea horses.
As other countries Curaçao also has the lock tradition and they call it love lock and shaped like a heart.
Once you break the walls thats been holding you captive ...your journey to explore the world can finally begin....
A really touching message on a real wall unlike the FB wall
The best time to explore the downtown is the evening after the day trips to take a stroll through the decorated and colorful streets and all the way to the Curacao sign enjoying the breeze along the shore
The best way to retire for the day is to go to the pier ...sit and watch the lighted city and the bridge and later dining with some live music and dance ????
Very interesting activity of every trip is food and as usual I tried the local dishes and fishes to conclude my trip and this video as well
Hope you liked this video...please subscribe and leave a comment for suggestions and feedback...
Thanks for watching guys....Adios !!!!

#Curacao #Caribbean #ABCIslands

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Best Places to Visit in Curaçao

Best Places to Visit in Curaçao

Curaçao is a Lesser Antilles island in the southern Caribbean Sea and the Dutch Caribbean region, about 65 km (40 mi) north of the Venezuelan coast. It is a constituent country (Dutch: land) of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and a unique Caribbean island paradise. Curaçao's highest point is the Sint Christoffelberg 372 m (1,220 ft).
The coastlines bays, inlets and hot springs offer an on-site source of natural mineral, thermal, or seawater used in hydrotherapy and mesotherapy, making this island one of many balneoclimateric areas in the region. While tourism plays a major role in Curaçao's economy, it is less reliant on tourism than other Caribbean countries. Most tourists originate from the Netherlands, Eastern United States, South America and other Caribbean Islands . It is a leader in the Caribbean in cruise tourism .

Ringed by picture-perfect beaches and craggy headlands clad in the occasional bloom of palms and sea grasses, spiny cacti and divi-divi groves, the terrain isn’t your usual soft sands and jungle.

There IS really plenty to see on the sun-kissed Curaçao! Check it out…

2.Christoffel National Park
3.Shete Boka National Park
4.Kurá Hulanda Museum
5.Playa Lagun
6.Playa Cas Abou
7. Klein Curaçao
9.Tour Fort Amsterdam
10.Hato Caves

Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles, previously known as the Netherlands West Indies or Dutch Antilles/West Indies, consists of two groups of islands that form part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The islands are Curaçao and Bonaire, which are just off the Venezuelan coast and belong to the Leeward Antilles; and Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten, which are located southeast of the Virgin Islands and are part of the Leeward Islands. These Dutch islands form an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The islands' economy depends mostly upon tourism, international financial services, international commerce, shipping, and petroleum.

The Netherlands Antilles are scheduled to be dissolved as a unified political entity on October 10, 2010, so that the five constituent islands will attain new constitutional statuses within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. ( source Wikipedia )

Top 5 Caribbean Cruise Ports to Visit

A breakdown of my top 5 favorite Caribbean cruise ports to visit.

#Caribbean #cruise #travel

The Netherlands Antilles (HD1080p)

*** The Netherlands Antilles were, until 10 October 2010, an autonomous State formed by five islands of the Caribbean Sea (which until 1986 included Aruba), belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with the Netherlands themselves (European). The capital of the five islands was also the capital city of Cura?ao: Willemstad. Other important cities were: Philipsburg in Sint Maarten, Kralendijk in Bonaire, Oranjestad in Aruba and The Bottom in Saba. The islands, being an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. ***

Netherlands Antilles Travel

Netherlands Antilles Travel - The Netherlands Antilles, previously known as the Netherlands West Indies or Dutch Antilles/West Indies, consists of two groups of islands that form part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The islands are Curaçao and Bonaire, which are just off the Venezuelan coast and belong to the Leeward Antilles; and Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten, which are located southeast of the Virgin Islands and are part of the Leeward Islands. These Dutch islands form an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The islands economy depends mostly upon tourism, international financial services, international commerce, shipping, and petroleum.

The Netherlands Antilles are scheduled to be dissolved as a unified political entity on October 10, 2010, so that the five constituent islands will attain new constitutional statuses within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. ( source Wikipedia )
Enjoy Your Netherlands Antilles Travel!

Top 10 Places Ruined by Tourism | MojoTravels

Is it just us, or is it getting crowded in here? Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Places Ruined by Tourism.

For this list, we’re looking at countries, cities and tourist attractions that are struggling to keep up with an ever-increasing influx of annual visitors. We’d like to thank CN Traveler for listing the locations featured in this video.

#OverTourism #Tourists #Travel

Top 10 Best Luxurious Hotels In Netherlands | Best Cheap Hotel 2020 | Advotis4u


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Top 10 Underrated Countries YOU Must Visit

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Best Travel Destinations in the Caribbean 2022 - Top 10 Places to Visit | Travel's Den

Best Travel Destinations in the Caribbean 2022 - Top 10 Places to Visit | Travel's Den

A trip to the Caribbean may be just what you need if you're in search of some sun, sand and relaxation. Based on user votes and expert insights, plus factors like accessibility to beaches, tourist attractions and comfortable accommodations.

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