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10 Best Places to Visit in Macau SAR China


Macau China 4k - the Las Vegas of Asia?

Lets visit the Las Vegas of Asia - Macau! This city's revenue is 3 times that of Vegas. Can you believe that? What's there to do in Macau? #Macau #Macao

Top 10 Things To Do In Macau

Hey Guys Welcome to Things To Do. There is absolutely nothing else like Macau, with its rich East meets West heritage, one-of-a-kind culture, delectable street cuisine, and world-record-breaking attractions. Here are our picks for the Top 10 things to do in Macau. So let’s take a view…..

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Macau Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

10 things YOU need to know before you go to Macau. A comprehensive travel guide to bring you up to speed on the Language, Food, Casinos, and more! First, some basic knowledge on Macau: Macau was a Colony of Portugal from 1557-1999, and now it’s a Special Administrative Region of China just like Hong Kong. Macau is small -- 30 sq km, or 11 sq miles. 640,000 people live there. In 2017 Macau had 30 million visitors… lots of people for such a tiny place. 64km (40 miles) west of Hong Kong. A great day trip from Hong Kong, but easily worth 2 nights

Macau is best known as a gambling and shopping mecca, but it also has a really neat historic portuguese center
Macau is the only place in China where you can gamble legally. It generates more revenue from gambling than anywhere else on the earth including more than about seven times the revenue generated by “The Strip” in La Vegas

4 main parts…
the main part of Macau with the historic Portuguese core. This is called the Macau Peninsula
Cotai Strip

2. Getting In

Ferry from Hong Kong
Takes 40-60 Minutes
2 different operators
Turbojet: The Red One
Cotai Water Jet: The Blue One
4 Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong
2 Ferry Terminals in Macau -
If you’re going to the Cotai Strip, most convenient to take Cotai Water Jet
Going to the Historic Portuguese section, take Turbojet

Macau does have it’s own airport, but not many flights

There’s a new bridge from HKG to Macau, you can take a bus on it

Or cross the border by land from China.

4. Unlucky
This number omitted because it’s unlucky. 4 in Chinese sounds like the word for “Death.” Most buildings typically omit this floor.

5. Getting Around

Free Shuttle Service

Macau’s hotels offer free shuttle service from the airport, ferry terminals, and border gates.

· The Venetian Macao Free Shuttle Schedule

· The Parisian Macao Free Shuttle Schedule

· Sands Cotai Central Free Shuttle Schedule

Public buses operate frequently throughout Macau, Taipa, and Coloane. Buses have onboard stop notifications in Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese and English.

· Price: Within Macau or Taipa: MOP3.2, Macau-Taipa: MOP4.2, Macau-Coloane: MOP5, Airport service: MOP4.2.

Macau’s taxis come in two color schemes: one is yellow, the other is black and cream. Both color taxis charge the same fees. Taxis stands are located near hotel lobbies.


·Base price (first 1.6 km): MOP17, additional MOP2 for each 260 m afterwards.
Extra fees: Taxi waiting fee is MOP2 for every minute. Taxis have a MOP3 luggage storing fee. There is a MOP2 fee from Taipa to Coloane, and a MOP5 fee from Macau to Coloane. There is an MOP5 fee for taxi trips to and from the airport.

Uber operates in Macau

6. Money
Macanese Pataca (MOP)
Most shops and restaurants will accept HKG to pay, with a 1:1 exchange rate to MOP
The exchange rate is fixed at HK$1 = MOP$1.03
But you’ll typically get change back in MOP

7. Language

Portuguese (but its own dialect)
And Chinese (Cantonese)
A little less english than Hong Kong, but enough to get by

8. Shopping

In every hotel on the Cotai Strip

9. The rest of Macau outside the Casinos and Historic Districts

10. Food:
Macanese cuisine’ is a mix of southern Chinese and Portuguese ingredients and cooking techniques. With a history dating back over 400 years, the cuisine is often regarded as the world’s first fusion cuisine.

Egg Tart that is so popular in Dim Sum restaurants originated here.. Lord Stows cafe is the original located in Taipa. Most convenient location is the one in the Venetian

Bifanas - Thin breaded pork Sandwich

Really good high end Chinese food cheaper than Hong Kong. The Wynn hotel has some really good options.

11. I’ve got more videos!


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Macau 2022 || Macau, China 4K

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Macau is located on China's southern coast, 60 km (37 mi) west of Hong Kong, on the western side of the Pearl River estuary. It is surrounded by the South China Sea in the east and south, and neighbours the Guangdong city of Zhuhai to the west and north. The territory consists of Macau Peninsula, Taipa, and Coloane.

Macau casino
Macau, a special administrative region like Hong Kong, is the only place in China where casinos are legal, and the business has grown at an astounding pace since 2001, when the government ended the four-decade gambling monopoly of the Hong Kong billionaire Stanley Ho.

Top 8 Hotel in Macau to stay!

1. TheVenetianMacao
2. MacauMastersHotel
3. GalaxyHotel
4. StudioCityMacau
5. CrownePlazaMacau
6. MGMCotai
7. WynnPalace
8. TheParisianMacao

Top 10 Casinos & Gambling in Macau
1. MGM Casino
2. Casino at Venetian Macao
3. Grand Lisboa Casino
4. Lisboa Casino
5. Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome
6. Rio Casino
7. Macau Palace (Floating Casino)
8. Babylon Casino
9. Grand Waldo Casino
10. Wynn Casino

Macau Travel Guide - Macao Day Trip from Hong Kong

Come join us for a day trip from Hong Kong (香港) as we visit Macau covering the best things to do in one day in our Macau Travel Guide (澳門 - 澳门). We started off our day waking up early in Hong Kong to get to the ferry terminal to take a TurboJET ferry to Macao. *Important* remember to take your passport as you're crossing one special administration region in China to another (Hong Kong to Macau) and you'll need to go through immigration on both sides (it doesn't take long).

After arriving we took free transportation (provided by the casinos and hotels) to check out the Venetian Casino and Parisian Hotel. Then we were off to Taipa to mostly eat Macau street food and enjoy the old colonial architecture. We then made our way to Senado Square, the ruins of St. Paul's and Forte Monte while munching on plenty of Macanese street food before heading back to Hong Kong on a TurboJET ferry.

As you can see you can do a lot in just one day in Macau but a few things we didn't get to do included gambling at casinos, going up Macau Tower or checking out the A-Ma temple. For more of the things we missed out on but are worth considering doing in Macau see our two lists below.

Things to do in Macau Travel Guide:

1) TurboJET Ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau (噴射飛航) which takes approximately one hour - 00:15
2) Visiting the Venetian Macao (澳門威尼斯人度假村酒店) luxury hotel and casino resort - 02:36
3) Visiting the Parisian (Chinese: 澳門巴黎人) luxury hotel in Cotai, Macau, China - 03:30
4) Visiting Taipa Houses–Museum (龍環葡韻住宅式博物館 - Casas-Museu da Taipa) - 04:13
5) Visit Taipa (氹仔) to eat street food in Macau and wander around - 05:05
6) Macau egg pudding - 05:31
7) Macau Pork Chop Bun (豬扒包) - 06:49
8) Portuguese style Macau egg tart (蛋撻 - 蛋挞) also known as Pastel de nata - 07:39
9) Free shuttle by from the casino hotels - 09:00
10) Senado Square (Largo do Senado - 議事亭前地) town square - 10:04
11) Ruins of St. Paul's (大三巴牌坊) - 11:22
12) Macau honey glazed pork jerky (豬肉乾) - 12:03
13) Macau almond cookies or biscuits (杏仁餅) - 13:25
14) Macanese Bubble tea with taro (波霸奶茶) - 14:24
15) Macao Museum or Macau Museum (澳門博物館 - Museu de Macau) - 15:26
16) Monte Fort (Fortaleza do Monte - 大炮台) - 15:44
17) TurboJET ferry ride from Macau (澳門 - 澳门) back to Hong Kong (香港) - 16:29

Things to do in Macau that we didn't have time for on our day trip

1) Gambling at the casinos in Macau
2) Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre (澳門旅遊塔會展娛樂中心) for views of Macau
3) A-Ma Temple (媽閣廟)
4) Grand Prix Museum (大賽車博物館)
5) Drink Portuguese wine
6) Macau Fisherman's Wharf (澳門漁人碼頭)
7) Macau Wine Museum (葡萄酒博物馆 - Museu do Vinho)

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Our visit Macau travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide (best restaurants and street food), top museums and Macau at night and by day. We also cover off-the-beaten-path activities you won't find in a typical Macau itinerary, Macau tourism brochure or Macau city tour.

Macau Travel Guide - Macao Day Trip from Hong Kong Travel Food Video Transcript:

Well good morning from Hong Kong. It is seven in the morning. A little early to be out in my opinion but today we're going to Macau. Special day.

So we've got our tickets for Macau. Woo! 160 Hong Kong dollars each. It is just over $20 US bucks and they give you your seats as you basically arrive. Just after you go through immigration. Yeah so we just got these little stickers. We're 17M and 17K and guys don't forget to bring your passport because technically you're going to a different special administrative region. You're going from Hong Kong to Macau.

This is part of our Travel in Macau video series showcasing Macau food, Macau culture and Macau cuisine.

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network

Macau - Guia Fortress and Lighthouse - Helpful Info for Visitors | Macau Travel Guide Episode# 12

✅ More Info at -
Guia Fortress and Lighthouse helpful travel information for new Visitors to Macau, SAR in this video guide by Hipfig. The Guia Fortress (Portuguese: Fortaleza da Guia; Chinese: 東望洋炮台) is a 17th-century colonial military fort, chapel, and lighthouse complex and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Macau, China.

This useful Guia Fortress Macau travel guide includes the below information in detail :
1). Guia Fortress in Macau introduction for visitors,
2). How to get to Guia Fortress to visit Guia Lighthouse in Macau by Cable Car, Walk, and Taxi,
3). Guia Cable Car tickets, ride and other useful information from Flora Garden Gate (Avenida Sidónio Pais) for visit to Guia Fortress in Macau,
4). Things to do at Macau Guia Fortress like Guia Fortress Tunnel, Guia Fort entrance, views of Macau from Guia Fortress, Visitors center at Guia Fortress Macau, Chapel and famous Guia lighthouse in Macau,
5). Detailed information about attractions at Guia Fortress like Tunnel at Guia Fort, Guia fort entrance, views of Macau, Visitors center at Guia Fortress Macau, Chapel and famous Guide lighthouse, and
6). Travel tips for visiting Guia Fortress Macau for visitors to Macau (Macao).

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Macau China Walking Tour (Senado Square to Ruins of St. Paul) / 澳门中国徒步旅行

Macau China Walking Tour is a video recording of my walk with no talking. I highly recommend using headphones to experience 3D environment sounds as I recorded with binaural microphones.

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Macau China Info:
Macau, also spelt Macao and officially the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a special administrative region on the western side of the Pearl River estuary in southern China. With a population of 667,400 and an area of 32.9 km2 (12.7 sq mi), it is the most densely populated region in the world.

Macau was formerly a colony of the Portuguese Empire, after Ming China leased the territory as a trading post in 1557. Between 1557 and 1887, Macau was governed by the Portuguese under Chinese sovereignty and authority. In 1887, Portugal was given perpetual colonial rights for Macau. The colony remained under Portuguese rule until 1999, when it was transferred to China. As a special administrative region, Macau maintains separate governing and economic systems from that of mainland China.

Originally a sparsely populated collection of coastal islands, the territory has become a major resort city and the top destination for gambling tourism. It is the ninth-highest recipient of tourism revenue and its gambling industry is seven times larger than that of Las Vegas. Although the city has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, it has severe income inequality. Its GDP per capita by purchasing power parity is one of the highest in the world and higher than any country in the world in 2014 according to the World Bank.

Macau has a very high Human Development Index. Macau has the fourth-highest life expectancy in the world. The territory is highly urbanised and most development is built on reclaimed land; two-thirds of total land area is reclaimed from the sea.

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Macau Food - DISCOVERING the BEST DESSERT in Macau!

Beware that this video may make you hungry! I had from time to time had these little #eggwaffles, sometimes just the waffle, sometimes filled with strawberry or cheese, but I had never tried its less well known cousin, the waffle with peanut butter sauce and condensed milk!

There is a nameless, tiny stand in Macau that serves these Wonderfull desserts up, and after trying then here, I'm adding it to my list of things you need to try when you are in Macau, I seriously would not miss it if I was just visiting, although for me it may now become a weekly ritual :).

Macao, China - 10 great things to do |

The amazing casinos in Macau is well worth a visit. But is Macau only for gamblers? Definately not ! In this video we take a look at other things to do in Macau and why this Chinese - Portoguese city has become so popular by tourists.

Watch all our videos from Macao in our Macao Special playlist on Allthegoodies Travel, including The Venetian, The Parisian, Wynn Palace with its amazing cable car entrance, the Cotai Strip, the half size Eiffel Tower, the giant pandas and downtown Macao among much more:

(A) Available for all.
Music: Sunspots by Jeremy Blake

Family Trip in Macau during Chinese New Year 2019 | Interesting places to go in Macau

This video is about my family trip in Macau during Chinese New Year 2019. At arrival hall of Macau Ferry Terminal, we met our tour guide, Ate Josie. She tour us in the following places:
1. Senado Square
2. Ruins of St. Paul
3. St. Augustine's Church
4. Taipa
5. City of Dreams
6. Wynn Palace
7. Venetian Macao
8. Parisian Macao

My mom is lucky to win a small prize at Wynn Palace casino, where we got the funds to pay Ate Josie. Thanks to her. Unfortunately, I was not able to get Ate Josie's contact number. I hope she can able to watch this video.


Welcome to Macau! In this video, we take the turbo jet ferry from Hong Kong Island to Macau. We spend a full day in the former Portuguese colony, a land where East meets West.

Macau was a former Portuguese colony from the 16th century until 1999 when China took it over. It is now a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China where Macau controls their own customs and currency, and China handles the rest. There is also an extravagant Las Vegas atmosphere in Macau that makes for an exciting destination to travel.

First, we visit Largo Do Senado (Senado Square) which is the historic Portuguese center and UNESCO World Heritage Site. St. Dominic's Church is a main highlight of this square.

Next, we venture to Fernando's to visit a Portuguese - Chinese fusion restaurant by the beach. We also visit the beach in Macau. Be sure to bring cash! Watch what happens when we try to get back to town without any cash left.

Macau is known for its casinos, including the Venetian, and Paris, and the Wynn. Did you know that Macao is the largest gambling epicenter in the world? It even beat out Vegas. It's the only region in China where you can legally gamble.

Lastly, we visit the Ruins of St. Paul where we see what was the largest Catholic church in Asia.

Macau is truly one of a kind, with East meets West fusion. It is definitely worth a visit!

Turbo Jet Ferry to Macao

Fernando's Restaurant:

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Seasons in Macau (China)

All year seasons in (Asian Las Vegas) Macau: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

मकाऊ में आपका स्वागत है, Welcome to Macau, Trending Places, Richest Place in the world, Venetian

Welcome to Macau, Trending Places in the World | Richest Place in the world | Top 10 |venetian Macau, मकाऊ में आपका स्वागत है

Macau is a self-governing region on China's south coast, separated from Hong Kong by the Pearl River Delta. Until 1999, it was Portuguese territory, and it had a rich cultural mix. Because of its large casinos and shopping malls, the Cotai Strip, which connects the islands of Taipa and Coloane, has acquired the moniker Las Vegas of Asia. One of the city's most notable structures is the towering Macau Tower, which offers sweeping panoramic views.
The economy of Macau is focused on tourism, with much of it dedicated to gambling, which was legalized in the nineteenth century and has since been the economy's core and a key source of revenue for the government.

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Macau Food Markets Macau China

Christina Pfeiffer discovers the colourful food markets in Macau China.

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Please watch: Whale Watching Hervey Bay - Humpback Capital of the World


Beautiful macau Macau n teugbyeolhan geos-i issseubnida

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Macau n teugbyeolhan geos-i issseubnida

Visit and Experience Macao Your Own Style Macau SAR

Discover Macao with full travel guide at
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????7 Best Luxury Hotels In Macau 2020

????7 Best Luxury Hotels In Macau 2020. Here are our editor picks:
????1 - The Ritz Carlton Macau:
????2 - Cityof Dreams Nuwa Macau:
????3 - Wynn Palace:
????4 - Banyan Tree Macau:
????5 - Altira Macau:
????6 - Four Seasons Hotel Macao At Cotai Strip:
????7 - Grand Lisboa Macau:
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This list of the 10 best Macau luxury hotels has been established for all wealthy travellers looking for an opulent accommodation choice in one of the most renowned destinations in Asia. Especially famous for its high-end casinos, Macau is far more than just a 28 square kilometre gambling den! The long history of this city and its occupation (under Chinese administration) by the Portuguese, has left a myriad of historical sites, an d a unique atmosphere making Macau like a piece of Europe transposed in Asia.
The most popular Macau five-star hotels that you could see below, all share an exquisite taste in stylish décor and architecture, top-notch room amenities and world-class service. Check out the luxury hotels listed below, they are the most booked hotels in this price range in the autonomous territory of Macau.
The Ritz-Carlton, Macau
City of Dreams – Nüwa Macau
Wynn Palace
Banyan Tree Macau
Altira Macau
Four Seasons Hotel Macao at Cotai Strip
Grand Lisboa Macau
Wynn Macau
Grand Hyatt Macau
The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central
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Macao City Tour / Macau Attractions or What to do in the Casino City Macao China |HECT India

Macau is located in South China Sea on a river delta. Around an hours travel in a ferry from Hong Kong City. This destination is popular for its giant Casinos and malls. It’s called LA’s Vegas of Asia. The city hosts many famous Casino Brands from the west. The attractions of the city are the Macau Tower, Senado Sqaure, Ruins of St. Paul’s Church, Science Center, Na Tcha Temple. There are many grand Casinos like Venetian is the biggest building of Macau according to floor built area. Apart from Venetian there is MGM Grand Macau, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, Galaxy Macau. There are around 16 Casinos in Macau. There have been times when the gambling revenue of Macau have surpassed the gambling revenue of Las Vegas. Macau has also showed in the lists of 20 most popular tourist destinations in the world in terms of foreign tourist arrivals. The city has an airport, 2 ferry terminals, great public transportation system. Although all the. Casinos offers free shuttle service to their guests from the ferry terminals. You can also get taxi easily. The Casinos and the malls are so grand that you can’t see all the Casinos in a day or two. Enjoy your trip to Macau with full of fun.

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Macau Street Food Fish Ball Favorites (Yújiāng) Macau China SAR

Macau has so much more than just casinos, Whilst much of the street food is familiar to Hong Kong and China, Macau lives up to its name with alleys of delicious street food stalls where snacks on sticks beckon. The fish, meat or tofu-on-a-stick balls and vegetables are dipped / cooked in boiling soup,then placed in a bowl. Hot sauce is drizzled on top.Alongside curry fish balls you will find crab balls, cheese fish balls, meat balls, vegetables, etc...

Macau - my TOP favorite things about LIVING in Macau

Just a walk through old Taipa talking about the various things that I really enjoyed since moving to Macau... Please keep in my my perspective I moved from the US in 2015 so while some things may not be as impressive to you everyone has a different background. Hope you enjoy the video. Cheers!



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