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10 Best Places to Visit in Macau SAR China


Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Macau, China | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Macau, China | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel
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Best Things To Do in Macau China 2024 4K

MACAU, CHINA: Are you looking for the best things to do in Macau China? We just created a list of 20 must do activities for you to do while visiting Macau! In this Macau travel guide we show you around the old town of Macau, ruins of St. Paul, Cotai Strip, go to temples, show you the beach, do some hikes and show you the top hotel casinos in Macau.

In this Macau tour we hope to give you insight into Macau sightseeing so that you can enjoy your Macau vacation. Some people refer to it as Macao since the spelling variation is there. So enjoy this Macau vlog and watch more of our travel videos from across Asia.

Watch our Hong Kong Things To Do Travel Guide:

Things To Do in Macau
0:00 Macau Intro
1:13 Wynn Fountain Show
1:43 Cable Car
1:53 City of Dreams
2:18 Londoner
2:46 Venetian
3:17 Monorail
3:37 Cotai Strip
4:15 Galaxy Hotel
4:54 Macau Tower
5:40 Monte Forte
6:13 Taipa Village
6:29 Ruins of St Paul
6:58 Senado Square
7:23 Mandarin's House
8:14 A-Ma Temple
8:51 Giant Panda Pavilion
9:52 MGM Macau
10:18 Pool Day
10:33 Hiking
10:54 Beach Day
11:19 Local Food

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Macao Vlog - A Complete Tour Guide To The City Of Lights Macao With Kamiya Jani | Curly Tales

Curly Tales Editor @kamiyajaniverma travelled to the land of culture & history, Macao before the pandemic. Kamiya guides you & takes you around to all the places that you must visit, she talks about the local foods to try, the cuisine it offers along with the necessary travel information that you should know in terms of the flight to the ferry & how to get there, the currency to how expensive this city is to all the necessary tips, there is everything mentioned in the video that you need to know before you plan a trip to Macao @macaomoments
Disclaimer: This video was shot before COVID-19 spread

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Macau, China Casinos & Nightlife || Hongkong to Macau Day Trip.

#Macau #ChinaNightlife #HongkongMacau

Welcome to Episode 5th of Hongkong, China series. In this video, we are doing a day trip to Macau from Hongkong. Full details with casinos and Nightlife.
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Macau 2019 tour video-

1 Day in Macau, China!! (Is THIS Asia's Las Vegas?!)????????

I visited China’s Las Vegas, Macau, on a day trip from Hong Kong in this laid back, tourist travel vlog! Interested in supporting the channel?

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11 Best Places to Visit in Macau China

11 Best Places to Visit in Macau China

Hello & 歡迎. Hope you enjoy this awesome video from China. In this video you will see buildings, markets, museums, churches, casino's, historic sites such as castles and roads in China. Please do not forget to Subscribe, Like and Share our videos.


About Macau :

Macau is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China. Located on the southeast coast of China, it borders Guangdong Province of mainland China to the north. It is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) to the southwest of Hong Kong.

It takes about one hour to get there by ferry from Hong Kong and about four hours by air from Beijing.

Macau consists of the Macau Peninsula itself and the islands of Taipa and Coloane, which are now connected by landfill forming the Cotai strip.


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00:00 Introduction
00:11 Macau Intro
01:34 Venetian Macao Casino
02:44 Parisian Macau
03:32 Historic Centre of Macao
05:35 Guia Lighthouse
06:36 Grand Lisboa Casino
08:03 Macao Museum
09:13 Macao Tower & Entertainment Centre
10:16 Kun Iam Statue
11:01 A-MA Temple
11:54 Eiffel Tower at Parisian Macau
12:36 Our Lady at Penha
13:36 Monte Forte

Macao, China - 10 great things to do |

The amazing casinos in Macau is well worth a visit. But is Macau only for gamblers? Definately not ! In this video we take a look at other things to do in Macau and why this Chinese - Portoguese city has become so popular by tourists.

Watch all our videos from Macao in our Macao Special playlist on Allthegoodies Travel, including The Venetian, The Parisian, Wynn Palace with its amazing cable car entrance, the Cotai Strip, the half size Eiffel Tower, the giant pandas and downtown Macao among much more:

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Top 10 places to visit in Macau

Top 10 places to visit in Macau
Macau or Macao, with 18.9 Million Visitors is #4 in most Visited Cities in the World.
#1 The Venetian Macao
Rating: 4.5

#2 Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower
Rating: 4.5

#3 Macao Giant Panda Pavilion
Rating: 4.4

#4 Guia Lighthouse
Rating: 4.4

#5 The Cotai Strip
Rating: 4.4

#6 Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center
Rating: 4.3

#7 Ruins of St. Paul's
Rating: 4.3

#8 Monte Fort
Rating: 4.3

#9 A-Ma Cultural Village
Rating: 4.3

#10 St. Lawrence’s Church
Rating: 4.3

#Traveltips #TheVenetianMacao #ParisianMacaoEiffelTower #MacaoGiantPandaPavilion #GuiaLighthouse #TheCotaiStrip #MacauTowerConventionandEntertainmentCenter #RuinsofSt.Paul's #MonteFort #A-MaCulturalVillage #St.Lawrence’sChurch #Trickytravels #top10placestovisit #top10sights


Traveltips,The Venetian Macao,Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower,Macao Giant Panda Pavilion,Guia Lighthouse,The Cotai Strip,Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center,Ruins of St. Paul's,Monte Fort,A-Ma Cultural Village,St. Lawrence’s Church,Trickytravels,,top places to visit in the world 2023,top 10 places to visit in the world,top 10 sights,top 10 places to visit

The coolest things you can do in Macau in 2022

In the previous video I shared with you how was the experience of coming back here after more than three years of restrictions because of the covid 19, today I will show you some of the other cool activities we enjoyed here! So keep watching if you want to know what are some of the coolest things you can do in Macau!

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The Ultimate Macau Adventure - Top 3 tourist attractions #youtubeshorts #china #traveltips

If you're looking for an amazing vacation that will leave you feeling like a king or queen, look no further than Macau! This incredible destination is full of history, culture, and adventure, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to have an unforgettable experience.

In this video, I'm going to show you all the highlights of the Macau adventure, from the stunning views to the legendary casinos.

Macau, China ???????? in 4K ULTRA HD 60FPS at night by Drone

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5 Must-Try STREET FOODS in Macau ???????? Chinese Food Tour in Asia's MOST European City!!

Welcome to Asia's most European city... MACAU!! This special administrative region of China is home to countless delicacies, from classic Cantonese to speciality Portuguese flavours. Today I'm taking you for 24 hours of eating in Macau. This is my ultimate street food guide to this fascinating city.

Pork Chop Bun :
Beef Offal :
Ginja :
Egg Tart :
Tofu :

0:00-0:56 Intro
0:56-3:23 Pork Chop Bun
3:23-8:43 Curry Beef Offal
8:43-10:08 Ginja
10:08-13:25 Egg Tart
13:25-16:44 St. Pauls Ruins
16:44-18:36 Tofu Dessert
18:36-19:03 Outro

I'm Luke Martin, food lover and world traveller! I make videos about local, authentic and unique foods from across the globe. I particularly like to sample street food across Asia. I’ve eaten my way across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, parts of Africa, North America and the list is still growing! My mission is to create content that is entertaining, informative, honest and fun! I love what I do and I'm always grateful for your support! Thank you and see you on the next episode!




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Macau China 4k - the Las Vegas of Asia?

Lets visit the Las Vegas of Asia - Macau! This city's revenue is 3 times that of Vegas. Can you believe that? What's there to do in Macau? #Macau #Macao

Top 10 Places to Visit in Macau for Millennials

Macau, a special administrative region of China, offers a blend of rich history and modern attractions that can appeal to millennials. Check out the must-visit places in Macau:

???? The Venetian Macao
This massive resort and casino complex is known for its replica of Venice, complete with gondola rides, shopping, and vibrant atmosphere.

???? Ruins of St. Paul's
A historic site perfect for Instagram-worthy photos and a symbol of Macau's heritage.

???? Senado Square
A charming European-style town square with colorful buildings, shops, and cafes for strolling and photos.

???? Macau Tower
Adventure awaits as millennials can bungee jump or do the Skywalk with stunning city views.

⛩ A-Ma Temple
A peaceful escape dedicated to the sea goddess Mazu.

???? Taipa Village
Dive into culture and cuisine with a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences, exploring narrow streets and local snacks.

???? Coloane Village
Relax at beautiful beaches, visit Lord Stow's Bakery for Portuguese egg tarts, and soak in the village's charm.

???? Macao Museum
Explore Macau's history and culture with interactive exhibits and displays.

???? Hac Sa Beach
Enjoy a relaxed vibe at the black sand beach in Coloane, perfect for swimming and picnics.

???? Macau Fisherman's Wharf
An entertainment complex with themed zones for entertainment, dining, and events.

While Macau is known for its casinos, these places offer diverse experiences for millennials to enjoy beyond the gaming tables. ????????????

Join Our Globe-Trotting Community! ????

For the best deals on accommodation in Macau:

MACAU ???????? TOP 5 Must See Places and Things to Do in 2023

MACAU TOP 5 Must See Places and Things to Do in 2023

1.The Historic Center of Macau: Explore the Historic Center of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage site that showcases the fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cultures. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Ruins of St. Paul's, Senado Square, and the A-Ma Temple. Take a stroll through the narrow streets and enjoy the unique blend of European and Asian architecture.

2.Macau Tower: Experience breathtaking views of Macau from the observation deck of the Macau Tower. For the adventurous, try the Skywalk X or the world's highest commercial bungee jump from the tower's top. You can also dine in the revolving restaurant or enjoy a thrilling skywalk on the outer rim.

3.The Venetian Macao: Step into a replica of Venice at The Venetian Macao, one of the world's largest casinos and integrated resorts. Enjoy the gondola rides along the canals, explore the luxurious shopping mall, try your luck at the casino, or watch entertaining live shows.

4.Taipa Village: Discover the charm of Taipa Village, a neighborhood known for its Portuguese influence and traditional Macanese culture. Explore the narrow streets lined with old colonial buildings, sample Macanese cuisine at local eateries, and visit the famous Taipa Houses-Museum to learn about the area's history.

5.Experience Extravagant Casinos: Macau boasts some of the most luxurious and opulent casinos in the world. The grand architecture, lavish interiors, and the sheer scale of these gaming establishments are awe-inspiring. The experience of stepping into these high-end casinos is like entering a world of elegance and extravagance.

#macau #top5 #walkingtour

Exploring the Macao Region of China in 24 Hours

Welcome to Macao! With two official languages (Portuguese and Chinese), and a history woven with trade, this tiny autonomous region of China has a fascinating cultural makeup. This is reflected in the local art, architecture, and especially the food, which blends Cantonese and Portuguese cuisine in combinations found nowhere else. The historic downtown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are special events and festivals year round. Come see it for yourself! #travel #china #explore

* This video is proudly produced in partnership with Macao Tourism:



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Welcome to Macau! In this video, we take the turbo jet ferry from Hong Kong Island to Macau. We spend a full day in the former Portuguese colony, a land where East meets West.

Macau was a former Portuguese colony from the 16th century until 1999 when China took it over. It is now a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China where Macau controls their own customs and currency, and China handles the rest. There is also an extravagant Las Vegas atmosphere in Macau that makes for an exciting destination to travel.

First, we visit Largo Do Senado (Senado Square) which is the historic Portuguese center and UNESCO World Heritage Site. St. Dominic's Church is a main highlight of this square.

Next, we venture to Fernando's to visit a Portuguese - Chinese fusion restaurant by the beach. We also visit the beach in Macau. Be sure to bring cash! Watch what happens when we try to get back to town without any cash left.

Macau is known for its casinos, including the Venetian, and Paris, and the Wynn. Did you know that Macao is the largest gambling epicenter in the world? It even beat out Vegas. It's the only region in China where you can legally gamble.

Lastly, we visit the Ruins of St. Paul where we see what was the largest Catholic church in Asia.

Macau is truly one of a kind, with East meets West fusion. It is definitely worth a visit!

Turbo Jet Ferry to Macao

Fernando's Restaurant:

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Top Places To Visit In MACAU

Macau's best attractions: 5th most visited city in the world #travel #china

How many people visit Macau each year? What attractions do they visit?


Macau, China, is the fifth most visited city in the world.
15.4 million tourists come to enjoy its blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultures.

Top attractions:
- The Ruins of Saint Paul's
- The Historic Centre of Macau
- The Macau Tower
- Senado Square
- A-Ma Temple


Photo credit:
By Charlie fong - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Macau in China is full of Southern Europe Architecture - Legacy of Portugal #shorts #macau #china

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The city was a Portuguese colony for more than 400 years, as evidenced by the ruins of the 16th-century complex, where the beautiful facade and the front stairway of St. Paul's Cathedral are the best preserved. The best place to breathe the history of old Macau is the Largo do Senado Square, the governmental centre from the colonial era. You will find splendid pastel-colored classic buildings, shops, and restaurants with typical southern European architecture. When walking through the old city, we recommend trying local cuisine - it is a unique mixture of Chinese and Portuguese tastes.




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