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A Plane Lost Its Roof at 24,000 Feet But Managed to Land


A Plane Lost Its Roof at 24,000 Feet But Managed to Land

You’ve probably seen Hollywood movies where a hole in the side of a plane causes utter chaos. Luckily, in reality, small damage to fuselage won't have such dramatic consequences. But a big opening in a plane’s side will. So would you believe me if I told you a pilot managed to land a plane with its much of it’s roof torn completely off?

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Why the pilots didn’t inspect the aircraft from the outside 0:37
Clear blue sky instead of the ceiling 1:54
What happened to the passengers 3:27
An emergency landing 4:38
No ambulances were waiting for the injured 6:28
What could cause such a terrible accident? 7:48

#planewithoutroof #boeing737

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- At 1:25 pm, on April 28, 1988, a 19-year-old Boeing 737 that belonged to Aloha Airlines left Hilo International Airport and headed for Honolulu.
- When the plane arrived at this destination, the pilots didn’t leave the cockpit or inspect the aircraft from the outside. After all, it wasn't a requirement, and they didn't have to do it.
- The length of the missing part was 18.5 ft long, and that was the aircraft skin that covered the plane from the cockpit back to the fore-wing area.
- The plane started to roll from side to side, and it was becoming increasingly harder to control. Everybody who was in the cockpit immediately put on their oxygen masks, and the captain took over the aircraft.
- All three flight attendants were standing along the aircraft aisle. The one who was the closest to the front of the plane was swept out through the hole in the roof.
- But the problem was at that time, in case of emergency, the airport control tower had to dial 911 just like anyone else. l
- As the plane was approaching the runway, the left engine failed, and the aircraft started rocking and shaking. The captain made an attempt to restart the engine but didn't succeed.
- Everyone on the plane, except for the flight attendant who had been pulled out of the plane, was alive, although 65 people were injured. Most people had been hurt by flying debris and torn pieces of fuselage.
- During one interview that followed the accident, passenger Gayle Yamamoto remembered that she had spotted a crack in the fuselage when she was boarding. Unfortunately, she was the only one who had seen this damage, and the woman hadn't thought that the crack was important enough to inform the crew.

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A Plane Lost Its Floor But the Captain Saved the Day

Imagine you need to get from Los Angeles to New York. To make it not so painfully long, you choose to take American Airlines Flight 96, with stopovers in Detroit and Buffalo. But several minutes after your plane leaves Detroit, it happens. Seemingly out of the blue - bang! And a part of the aircraft's floor is missing right under your feet!

It happened on June 12, 1972. Captain Bryce McCormick was an aviation veteran with more than 24,000 flight hours under his belt. The co-pilot was also an experienced airman. There were 56 passengers on board the plane and 11 crew members. When the autopilot was turned on and the chief flight attendant went to the galley to make coffee, it happened. She was suddenly brought down to the floor by a powerful explosion...

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Why First Officer turned on the autopilot 1:42
Powerful explosion 2:05
A gaping hole in the cabin's floor 3:01
The people on board were really lucky 4:58
The biggest challenge 6:19
Crazy landing 7:22
Why the cargo door blew out 8:21

#planes #aviation #brightside

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- All the control panel readings were normal, so Whitney turned on the autopilot. He didn't have anything to worry about: the radar confirmed that there was no bad weather on the route between Detroit and Buffalo.
- Cydya Smith, the chief flight attendant on Flight 96, left her seat as soon as she saw the signs off and went to the galley to make coffee. And at exactly that moment, it happened.
- The cockpit was rapidly filling with dark gray dust that blinded the men and didn't let them breathe.
- Unexplainably, a cargo door had been blown out less than 5 minutes after takeoff, and it left the plane with a gaping hole in its side.
- Hurricane force winds were sweeping through the cabin. One of the cabin crew members, Beatrice Copeland, was trapped under the collapsed door, unconscious.
- The biggest problem was that the DC-10 had one peculiarity: it didn't have a backup system that allowed for manual operation if the hydraulic system got knocked out.
- At that moment, the people on board the damaged plane still didn't know how lucky they were having Mr. McCormick as a pilot. Being curious about some of the DC-10 features, he’d spent hours on a flight deck simulator.
- McCormick understood that his damaged plane would need the priority to land, and he contacted the Detroit airport control tower.
- When the plane touched down, it was still moving incredibly fast. But the worst thing was that the aircraft was moving toward the main terminal building.
- Miraculously, Whitney managed to return the plane to the runway, with two sets of wheels running on the runway and the other two off.
- ll 67 people on board were alive, with only 11 not very serious injuries (9 passengers and 2 crew).
- A large cargo door gone as if peeled away by a huge can opener. But on the very same day, the missing door was located in a cornfield not far from Windsor, and investigators came to a shocking conclusion.

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What Happened When a Plane Lost Its Roof at 24,000ft

Can you imagine a pilot successfully landing a plane with a significant portion of its roof torn off?


00:00 - Plane without roof
08:00 - Plane with only one wing
16:26 - Why airplanes don't have keys?

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Life Can Be Full Of Miracles.

Life Can Be Full Of Miracles.
#shorts #miraculous #magic #plane

Miracles surround us in our everyday lives. They occur at the moment when we least expect. Such was the case of a flight 243 Aloha Airlines Which on the Internet is mentioned as one of the most miraculous flights ever.

original posted by @healthscience72 and @0a_marsmallow, beamazed.
on tiktok.
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A Plane with no Roof at 24000 Feet height || Distech TV


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Why No One Can Bring Liquids on a Plane

Have you ever been held up in airport security because some knucklehead broke probably every liquid rule there is? Going through security is hard enough, so why on Earth have they come up with this ridiculous liquid thing to slow us all down? What's so dangerous about a bottle of water or your favorite perfume or cologne?

Does it have something to do with the pressure in the cabin? Can my liquids somehow mess with the plane’s navigational system? That’s why they ask you to put your cellphone on airplane mode – maybe the two are related? I’m sure you know by now that it all comes down to security.

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A Plane Lost Its Floor But the Captain Saved the Day

What’s so dangerous about liquids... 0:56
... and Samsung Galaxy Note 7? 2:35
❗️ Some things to keep in mind:
- You can’t take a whole bottle of shampoo 3:05
- Liquids are NOT just about drinks 4:28
- Exceptions to this strict liquids rule 5:10
What happens if you forget about the rule ???? 5:49

#airports #onboard #brightside

- We’re living in a different time, and believe it or not, there have been cases of bad guys making explosive stuff with water bottles and even tubes of toothpaste! And, thus, the rules on “liquids, aerosols, and gels.”
- But airports and airlines can even have their own rules. For example, in 2016, many of them banned flying with the faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which, if you remember, tended to explode on airplanes!
- In general, your carry-on luggage can have liquids, gels, and aerosols in containers that hold no more than 3.4 oz. That is, you can’t take a whole bottle of shampoo, but you can divide it all up into smaller containers.
- And don’t assume that liquids are just about drinks. Toothpaste, sunscreen, deodorant, liquid or gel makeup (even your mascara and lip gloss!) – these are just the toiletries that must abide by the rules.
- Anything to do with food for kids, you can take as much as a small child (usually up to 2 years) will need during the flight.
- Also, if you use any medications, you should provide proof from your doctor indicating the total amount you’ll need during the flight.
- If prohibited items were found in your bag before you check in, you can either give them to those who accompanied you to the airport or put them in your car if it’ll be waiting for you out in the parking lot.
- If the thing is supposed to be confiscated but it’s near and dear to you, like, for example, your grandpappy’s old pocketknife, explain this to the security personnel. Most likely, there is a way to save it.
- On that note, items that have been seized are stored at the airport until the owner’s return. Just make sure that the thing wasn’t simply confiscated forever but that you get some sort of documentation of it giving you the right to get this thing back.

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24000 Feet ki bulandi, Aur plane ki roof gayeb | Pilots ne phir kia keya? | Ajayeb Ghar

24000 feet ki bulandi par plane ki roof urr gaye, phir pilot ne kia keya

#AjayebGhar #
This is the story of Aloha frlight 243 incident in April 1988, in which its roof blown out by an explosion. This the very unique incident in aviation history.

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✅Emergency Landing of Qantas Dash-8✈ @Brisbane Airport | Moments Before Emergency Landing | Brace!

Emergency landing of Qantas Dash-8 in Brisbane Airport.

☀️The dramatic final moments of a Qantas flight with technical issues have been captured on camera.

☀️In video a crew member on Qantas flight QF2420 can be heard warning passengers to brace themselves for a priority landing.

Heads down, stay down, heads down, stay down! she yells in the footage.

☀️Qantas blames 'faulty sensor' for 'priority landing' at Brisbane Airport.

☀️The Dash 8 aircraft, designated QF2420, was carrying 64 passengers.

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Ben Levy - Calm, collected, recount of the plane crash at SFO. (20 minutes)

Ben Levy gives a calm, collected Q&A session with reporters.

He is a very level headed person to answer the questions so quickly after the crash.

Pouso da KLM em Airport Sint Maarten #sintmaarten #plane #landing #avião aviao


The HORRIFYING Story Of British Airways Flight 5390

The HORRIFYING Story Of British Airways Flight 5390

Flight 5390 was a British Airways flight that departed Birmingham Airport in England from Malaga Airport in Spain in the morning of June 10th, 1990. Onboard were 81 passengers and 6 crew members, bringing the total number of passengers to 87.

The plane took off from Birmingham Airport at 8:20 a.m. local time and was flown by Tim Lancaster, an experienced pilot with more than eleven thousand flight hours at the time.

Also in the cockpit was the copilot Alastair Atchison who was also an experienced pilot with more than seven thousand flight hours under his belt.
20 minutes later, there was a loud bang in the cockpit, and what followed will no doubt be one of the scariest minutes of Tim Lancaster’s life.

#flight5390 #airplane

Swissair 111 #shorts #short

2 September 1998, Swissair Penerbangan 111 (SR-111, SWR-111) merupakan penerbangan pesawat McDonnell Douglas MD-11 dari maskapai Swissair dari Bandara Internasional John F. Kennedy (JFK) di New York, Amerika Serikat ke Bandara Internasional Cointrin (GVA) di Jenewa, Swiss. Penerbangan ini dikenal dengan istilah UN Shuttle karena lazim digunakan oleh para pejabat dan staf PBB untuk bepergian ke markas besar PBB di Jenewa.
Pesawat lepas landas pukul 20.18 waktu setempat. Pada pukul 22.10 waktu setempat di ketinggian 33.000 kaki, Kapten Urs Zimermann (50 Tahun) dan Kopilot Loew mencium bau asap di kokpit. Mereka memperkirakan bau tersebut berasal dari sistem pendingin udara. Untuk mengatasinya, Zimmermann meminta salah satu awak kabin untuk menutup saluran pendingin udara. Namun, setelah melihat asap yang mulai bermunculan, mereka mulai menyadari bahwa ada kabel yang terbakar dan mengabarkan adanya masalah serius dalam penerbangan (Pan-Pan).Pengontrol lalu lintas udara Moncton yang menangani Penerbangan 111 pada saat itu lalu menawarkan alternatif bandara yang lebih dekat, yaitu Bandara Halifax di Nova Scotia, Kanada, yang hanya berjarak 104 km. Kopilot Loew ditugaskan untuk mendaratkan pesawat itu, sementara Kapten Zimmermann memeriksa checklist untuk situasi asap di kokpit. Kapten Zimmermann perlu waktu 20 menit untuk menyelesaikan checklist tersebut, Mereka memberitahukan kepada ATC bahwa pesawat mereka perlu membuang bahan bakar. Akhirnya mereka mematikan listrik di kabin, yang juga mematikan kipas sirkulasi (seperti dalam daftar periksa). Tindakan ini menyebabkan asap kabin memasuki kokpit dan merusak sistem instrumen pengendali pesawat. Kopilot lalu mengumumkan keadaan darurat (mayday) dan berusaha mengontrol pesawat itu sendirian (Kapten Zimermann berusaha memadamkan api dalam kokpit, tetapi tak pernah kembali ke kursinya. Tidak diketahui apakah ia meninggal karena menghirup asap atau benturan saat pesawat ini jatuh). Pesawat itu menukik tajam dan jatuh di Samudera Atlantik, pesawat hancur berkeping-keping ketika menghantam air dan menewaskan semua orang di dalamnya yang berjumlah 229 orang (215 penumpang dan 14 awak). Kecelakaan ini adalah kecelakaan terburuk yang melibatkan pesawat MD-11.
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Top3 Plane carsh(MH370, the ghost plane, flight 243)


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xxxxFrom the planexxxx

In The Plane!!!!

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23 Facts About the UK That Confuse Foreigners

The United Kingdom might not seem like a place that could offer you anything more exciting than a cup of tea and some gloomy weather, but this place does, in fact, have its oddities. Did you know, for example, that Queen Elizabeth II can travel without a passport? Or that the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn? Or that from 1066 to 1362, the predominant language of England was actually French? Then let's see what else is interesting about the United Kingdom!

Preview photo credit:
UNITED KINGDOM - CIRCA 1952: A stamp printed in Great Britain showing a portrait of queen Elizabeth II, circa 1952: By neftali/,
Animation is created by Bright Side.

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20 Things Proving That Japan Lives In 3018
Rush Hour in Different Countries Like You’ve Never Seen It

What Big Ben really is 0:26
The tallest Ferris wheel in the world 0:42
Are Great Britain and the UK the same thing? 1:25
Ever met a Scouser? 1:42
Village with a tongue twister of a name 2:26
The world’s shortest flight 3:13
What's considered an act of treason 3:24
The first billionaire author in the world 3:49
The national animal of Scotland 4:31
Don't wear an armor suit into the House of Parliament 5:08
How much tea the English drink 5:39
How you can get a telegram from the Queen' 5:54
No US eggs in the UK 6:11
It’s illegal to go to the cinema on a Sunday 6:27
How to become a black cab driver in London 6:46
The most popular name 7:05

#greatbritain # UnitedKingdom #ukfacts

Music by Epidemic Sound

- Big Ben isn't the name of the clock or the tower it’s on – it’s the bell inside!
- At an astounding 443 feet (135 m) in height, the London Eye is the 4th tallest Ferris wheel in the world. A single rotation on this bad boy takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.
- The towering British Library in King’s Cross, London has lots and lots of books for you to enjoy. It’s got over 170 million items in its catalog!
- London has THE oldest and one of the largest underground transport systems on our planet. The London “tube” includes 270 fully functioning stations and at least 40 more that aren’t even in use.
- In Scotland, you can take the world’s shortest flight between Westray and the Papa Westray Islands. Get ready because this flight will take…just 2 minutes!
- Make sure you don’t stick a stamp with the Queen upside down on an envelope in the UK. Otherwise, it’s considered an act of treason!
- It’s illegal to wear an armor suit into the House of Parliament. I know, I know, it’s always been on your bucket list, but you’ll just have to forget about it and wear your armor somewhere else!
- The British drink it more than any other nation in the world. For instance, they drink 20 times more tea than Americans do!
- If you make it to 100 years old in the UK, The Queen will send you a telegram and wish you a happy birthday. You can get another one if you celebrate your 105th birthday, and still more each year after that! How thoughtful!
- You won’t find any US eggs in the UK. They’re illegal since they get washed.
- Speaking of strange laws, it’s actually illegal to go to the cinema on a Sunday in Northern Ireland. You can even be fined up to £50, or roughly $65, for breaking this law!
- In the early 1800s, just about a quarter of all women in Britain were named Mary. Sophia has held onto the #1 spot for 9 years in a row, and Mary didn’t even make it to the top 25 in 2018!

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Most Flight Accidents in Telugu #shorts #flightaccident

When do the most flight accidents happen? Explained in Telugu

Reverse Collisions In Turboprop Flight Simulator (Part 3)

mystery plane

DPV dive around plane wreckage in mystery beach



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