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#LiveBoricua in Puerto Rico

You’ll uncover the true magic of Puerto Rico in the smiling face of every local you meet, every heartwarming conversation, and every “cafecito” you have with them. The true beauty of our Island lies in its people. Here, strangers aren’t strangers for long. #LiveBoricua! ❤️???????? #DiscoverPuertoRico

You're Invited to #LiveBoricua

Boricua is more than a word to identify a person from Puerto Rico by birth or descent. It’s a way of life that is about embracing every moment with passion and joy. We call ourselves Boricua to honor our heritage and our people’s vibrant spirit.✨ To #LiveBoricua means a walk through the historic streets of Old San Juan, going out with friends to El Poblado de Boquerón, or having a crunchy bacalaíto in Piñones. Our Island is much more than its unquestionable natural beauty; the real charm of Puerto Rico lies in its people. Boricua is an experience that you can only find in one place on Earth. #LiveBoricua in Puerto Rico.❤️???????? #DiscoverPuertoRico

Live Out & Live Boricua

In Puerto Rico, you'll be welcomed like family and you'll be surrounded by love, equality, and freedom. Live Out and #LiveBoricua.????️‍????❤️⚧️ #DiscoverPuertoRico

Embrace the #LiveBoricua Call

Find your Boricua spirit in the only place in the world that you can - Puerto Rico.❤️???????? Embrace our Island’s call and venture through new and exciting experiences that will introduce you to a new state of mind. #LiveBoricua #DiscoverPuertoRico

Live #PRoud & Live Boricua

We always greet our guests with a “¡bienvenidos!” and you won’t be the exception!???? Create memories with your loved one or friends on an Island where you can let your rainbow flag fly high and proud.????️‍????❤️⚧️ #LiveBoricua #DiscoverPuertoRico


Puerto Rico is so much more than its stunning natural beauty; the true
beauty of Puerto Rico is its people and its culture. Its picturesque
beaches, breathtaking landscapes, historic landmarks and vibrant urban
scene are just the beginning. Come, #DiscoverPuertoRico and find out what it means to #LiveBoricua.❤️????????

Live Boricua in Southern Puerto Rico

From remote beaches with the calm waters of the Caribbean to mesmerizing art and history, Puerto Rico's southern region will entice you with every experience. ???? Visit to meet this stunning region of our Island. #LiveBoricua #DiscoverPuertoRico

What Does it Mean to be Boricua?

We asked what it means to be Boricua as part of our new campaign. These are some of the answers Puerto Ricans gave us. #LiveBoricua #DiscoverPuertoRico

Did you know these 3 facts about #PuertoRico? ???????? Let us know in the comments! #LiveBoricua #Travel

Live Boricua on the West Coast of Puerto Rico

Catch some waves and laidback vibes in Puerto Rico's capital of surfing and sunsets. ???? To find out more about our Island's western region, visit #LiveBoricua #DiscoverPuertoRico

#LiveOut in Puerto Rico

From the lively streets of San Juan to the tranquil beauty of our mountains, witness the welcoming spirit that awaits you and _____ in ????????. Tag your travel buddy! ❤️ #LiveOut #DiscoverPuertoRico

Share these restaurants in #PuertoRico where you can eat and #LiveBoricua. ????️???????? #Travel

Drop a ????️ if you’ve ever tried any of these Puerto Rican dishes. #LiveBoricua #PuertoRico #Travel

Profesionales de la industria turística reaccionan a la campaña #LiveBoricua

¿Qué es vivir a lo boricua? Le presentamos nuestra nueva campaña a algunas personalidades y líderes de la industria turística y esto fue lo que comentaron. #LiveBoricua #DiscoverPuertoRico

Local Stakeholders' Reactions to the #LiveBoricua Campaign

What is to #LiveBoricua? We showed our campaign to influential personalities and industry leaders and captured their reactions. #DiscoverPuertoRico

Find your #LiveBoricua Spirit

Boricua is a colloquial term for a person from Puerto Rico by birth or descent. But it is also a spirit that must be experienced and felt to be understood. It is unique to Puerto Rico. Come and #LiveBoricua in the only place on Earth where you can.❤️????????

Comment a ???? if you’re celebrating #NationalPiñaColadaDay in #PuertoRico. #LiveBoricua #Travel

We Call Ourselves Boricua

Boricua is much more than a word to describe a person from Puerto Rico by birth or descent. It's a way of life that is about embracing every moment with passion, a state of mind that can’t help but be optimistic and find something or someone to celebrate, a rhythm that infuses itself into every moment.❤️???????? #LiveBoricua #DiscoverPuertoRico

Tap ???? if you agree with these do’s and don’ts. ???????????? #LiveBoricua #Travel #PuertoRico

Comment on other Boricua presents you would recommend. ???????????? #LiveBoricua #Travel #PuertoRico



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