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Things To Do & Best Beaches In PIRAN, Slovenia

Things To Do & Best Beaches In PIRAN, Slovenia. You should visit Piran, a picturesque seaside town in Slovenia. Piran is a popular day trip form Ljubljana and one of Top Tourist attractions of Slovenia. Piran sits on a small peninsula surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and is famous for its medieval architecture and a maze of charming windy stone streets. Piran also has some of the best beaches in Slovenia. Piran is also a birthplace of famous composer and violinist Tartini. For more than half a millennia Piran belonged to the Republic of Venice and was also a flourishing spa town in Austro-Hungarian Empire. Between the world wars it belonged to Italy and after the WWII it became part of Yugoslavia, succeeded by Slovenia. Pirano is the Italian name of this bilingual town where signs are written in both Slovenian and Italian. Hi guys, I am Rok and I’ve spent last 9 years travelling around Europe as a tour guide and I want to show you what to do in Piran Slovenia.

Top 8 Things To Do In Piran & Best Piran Beaches:
00:00 Intro
01:14 Town Walls
02:10 Streets
03:26 Venetian House
04:30 Tartini Square
06:00 Sečovlje Salina Nature Park
07:39 Piran - Fiesta Walking Trail
08:30 Beach Fiesa
08:59 Beach Bernardin
09:38 Beach Fornače
10:05 Beach Punta
11:14 St. George Parish Church
13:05 Conclusion

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If you have any questions about Piran, just leave them in the comment section. Also share your thoughts, your ideas and your experience about Piran.
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Rok Goes Around

P.S.: Rok is a traveler, a cinematic vlogger and a tour guide. On this travel channel he is combining his 20 years of travelling experience, his 10 years of filmmaking experience and his 9 years of tour guiding experience.

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