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Climate change causes islands to disappear | 60 Minutes Australia


7 Countries will Disappear in Your Lifetime ????????

Sinking countries due to climate change. #sinkingIslandsClimateChange For those seven paradise islands scattered across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, we know exactly why they started sinking, and now at a rate much faster than previously thought. This climate change report 2021 was published by the UN IPCC and tag it a s a Code Red for humanity. Ida hurricane and other extreme weather is a direct result of climate change. in addition climate change is a direct factor triggering climate regufees. Thanks to Global Citizen and other initiative, we may be able to reduce the climate change effect on humans. but can you fix climate change?

Rising water is just one of many scary things that could happen if the polar ice mountains continue to melt. Climate change is very serious and has a long lasting effect for many generations to come especially for these small islands such as Micronesia, Maldives, Palau and others

Visual Sources:

Reader's Digest:
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60 minutes Australia

NASA climate change Earth Science Basics: Sea Level Rise

Plato Describes Atlantis:

What Happened To Atlantis
Solomon Islands - War In The Pacific (1942)

#globalwarming #climatechange #topicalislands
#disapearingCountries #sinkingCountries

70 Million Years In 2 Minutes - The Himalayas Forming

Journey From Our Solar System Through The Universe

Venice: The Sinking City (Climate Change Documentary) | Earth Stories

The brackish waters of Venice are an inexhaustible resource, yet at the same time, a threat to the city's survival. Today, the increasing frequency of high tides and increasing sea levels caused by climate change are threatening the city's infrastructure. Therefore, a decision was made to protect Venice with a massive system of Mobile Barriers. Will the project help solve Venice's problem?

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I Have Seen the Earth Change : Germany, The Forgotten Islands

The German Halligen islands, in the North Sea are threatened by the rise of the sea level, which could lead to their disappearance as Europe’s first climatic refugees. These Islands and their inhabitants are exposed to sudden rises of the sea level called “Land Unter” at least 10 to 30 times a year. A frequency in constant rising which will inevitably force the islanders to live off these islands

Fiji-A sinking paradise

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This short film is about Fiji, a small country in the South Pacific Ocean that is currently fighting a war against anthropogenic caused Climate Change.
Through my filmed and photographed content I hope to inspire others to show appreciation and compassion for nature and wildlife (Instagram handle: byrnesjf).

The Video content was filmed by Dom (Youtube and Instagram handle: weltreisner) and I. A special thank you goes out to him. Without him I would've not been able to create this short film.

Music in chronological order:
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Sound effects and Voice-overs were created by myself.
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For fact-checkers, my Sources:
Coral reefs need you -
Causes of Coral reef degradation -
How Fiji is affected by Climate Change -
Fiji’s war against Climate Change -
Fiji’s Climate Crisis -
Global sea levels -
Fiji: CO2 Country Profile -
Fijian economy -
Fijian culture -

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8 Reasons Why Americans LEAVE Costa Rica [Why I Left]

The TRUTH about living in Costa Rica: Why do so many Americans leave Costa Rica after moving there? In this video, I explain what causes expats to change their minds about retiring abroad and why I left Costa Rica after 8 years. Some of the initial reasons that people want to move to Costa Rica include the moderate climate, laid back lifestyle, fresh and healthy food, friendly people, beaches, medical tourism, and the low cost of living. But is Costa Rica really a safe and friendly country or is it actually dangerous and expensive? Once they arrive, many people realize that living in Costa Rica wasn't quite what they expected. Unfortunately, that results in people returning home quite soon after arriving.

After helping more than 500 foreigners move to Costa Rica and living there for eight years, this video explains the top reasons why people move back to the USA and why I left, too, so that you know more about what to expect BEFORE you get there. This is the real and sometimes dark truth about living in Costa Rica. What do you think are the biggest pros and cons of living in Costa Rica? Let us know in the comments.

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00:00 Introduction
00:32 How many Americans live in Costa Rica?
00:53 Why people retire in Costa Rica then leave
1:03 #1 High Cost of Living
3:30 #2 Inability to Adjust to the Culture
5:45 #3 Unrealistic Expectations versus Reality
6:45 #4 Healthcare and Health Problems
7:10 #5 Missing Family and Homesickness
8:20 #6 Crime Rate - Is it Dangerous or Safe?
10:58 #7 Negativity from Other Expats
11:53 #8 Misc Things: Infrastructure, extreme weather, and too much Pura Vida
15:04 Why people stay in Costa Rica forever
15:38 Why I left Costa Rica to become a digital nomad
18:15 Why I don't regret moving to Costa Rica
18:50 Conclusion

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Kristin is also a writer, public speaker, podcaster, and TV host who has been featured on The Today Show, HGTV's House Hunters International, Huffpost, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, Business Insider, ESPN, and more.

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【Powerful Kiribati Dance】Traditional Dance performance & Music in Festpac

Kiribati is an island nation consisting of 33 atolls across the vast Pacific Ocean. Kiribati has three main islands (Gilbert Islands, Line Islands, Phoenix Islands). There are just a few tourists because of a difficult connection. I visited in 2017 and the people were very kind and had a great time.

Kiribati traditional dance is characterized by different dances of men and women. Women shake their hips and men dance very powerfully. There are several types of dances such as Te bino Te buki and Te kabuti.

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Festpac Hawaii 2021(Postpone due to coronavirus)

Kiribati Tourism

A Perspective on Climate Change | Tuvalu

Rising sea levels, disappearing coasts and islands, & a personal perspective on climate change during my time in Tuvalu.

Finally taking my two healthy feet up to the summit of Diamond Head, O’ahu’s most famous hike overlooking Waikiki.

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Azores. The green wonder of Atlantic.

Azores - an extremely green and isolated place, with a unique climate and ecstatic scenery.
In this episode we will travel to San Miguel, Faial, Flores Islands and see what the largest endemic collection of plants and birds in the world looks like.

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7 Islands No One Wants to Buy Even for $1

Do you ever you dream to own a private island? If you do, you'll probably find this information useful. Have you ever heard that there are whole islands out there that you can purchase for a fraction of the typical price? But the real kicker is that nobody wants to buy them! And there're reasons for that.

Have you ever heard, for example, about Japan's Rabbit Island? They began to thrive and multiply on the island after a chemical weapons plant was closed. And these days, thousands of friendly bunnies will greet you if you decide to pay them a visit!

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A New Continent Is Discovered on Earth In the Pacific Ocean
A Scary Island That Has Been Keeping a Secret for 80 Years

Islands with colonial ruins, Brazil 0:31
Untouched nature and pine trees, Canada 1:15
Terrible Tilly, USA 1:55
Partly flooded island, USA 2:43
Island with an abandoned fort, USA 3:15
The island that disappears in the spring, Canada 4:19
Island for a couple only, Australia 5:04
Other islands where you can live
Rabbits island, Japan 6:44
Battleship Island, Japan 7:39
Island in Venice, Italy 8:22
The island of true paradise, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste 8:57

#brightside #secretplaces #strangeplaces

Preview photo credit:
Maatsuyker lighthouse: By Jeff Jennings/Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0
Animation is created by Bright Side.

Music by Epidemic Sound

- For just 80,000 bucks, you can become the owner of not one but six islands situated on Brazil’s Sao Francisco River. But you’ll be subject to small annual taxes.
- Although Little Rocky Island lies in the Atlantic Ocean, neighboring islands protect it from foul weather. There’s no property on the island, but you can build anything you like there!
- Also known as Terrible Tilly, this island’s nickname speaks for itself. Well, it’s not technically an island in the traditional sense, it’s basically a rock with a single lighthouse on it off the coast of Oregon.
- If you have an extra 40K, you can buy a 1-acre island with a view of picturesque Maine. There’s a little cabin on the island, and you can theoretically build some other property there too if you want.
- You could become the owner of a historic private island on one condition: you have to restore the fort situated on it.
- People typically associate private islands with some sort of tropical paradise. But Canada’s McGibbon Island is nothing like that. Perhaps that explains the super low price tag of 30 grand.
- Welcome to a tiny island off the coast of Tasmania, Australia. This offer is open only for couples, and both partners should be equally eager to go to the island.
- Ōkunoshima Island lies approximately 2 miles off the coast of Japan. From 1929 to 1945, there was a chemical weapons plant on the island that produced poisonous gas.
- Dubbed Battleship Island because it looks like an old half-destroyed battleship, Hashima is located about 9 miles away from Nagasaki. From 1887 to 1974, there was a profitable coal mine on the island.
- Located in Venice, Italy, Lazzaretto Nuovo is also open for tourists but home to nobody. In 1468, the island became a quarantine area for ships that approached the city. This move was meant to protect Venice from the plague.
- Jaco Island belongs to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. This island looks like the picture of true paradise: lush green trees, crystal blue waters, and white sand. But his place is uninhabitable.

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I Have Seen the Earth Change : Brazil, The Rebellious Amazon

Parà is the 2nd biggest State in Brazil. It is also the most exposed to climatic changes flirting with both extremes: long-time dryness followed by violent floods all year long. As a result many inhabitants move to the Amazon river banks, making the agriculture and farming more and more difficult.


We estimate about 50% of expats who move to Mexico end up leaving within a few years. These are the 14 big reasons why.
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In the 2.5 years we've been living in Mexico, we've seen lots of expatriates (aka expats or immigrants) move here but ultimately leave the country. Although these expats did their research, there are certain dealbreakers that caused them to go back home.

If you're considering moving to Mexico in 2020, we encourage you to watch this video to get a realistic perspective on the major reasons that cause an expat to pack their bags and move away.

These are some of the things we discuss in this Mexico vlog:
- Is Mexico safe to live and travel?
- Can you get by without speaking Spanish in Mexico?
- Dangerous experiences while traveling in Mexico
- Property rights and rip-offs while living in Mexico
- Violence and danger in Mexico
- Is Mexico safe or dangerous in 2020?

Here's an article we reference in the video titled After a 20-Year Relationship, I'm Giving Up on Mexico

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We are Jordan, Maddie, & Laska the husky. In 2018, we packed up our tangerine-colored car and left the US to start traveling Mexico. Since then, we've been making travel videos about our life in Mexico and the new experiences we encounter while traveling the world. Become one of the “Tangerine Elite” by binge-watching our videos from the beginning:

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How Scientists Are Restoring The Great Barrier Reef | Travel + Leisure

Despite mass coral bleaching events in the summers of 2016 and 2017 that badly damaged parts of the reef, much of the marine park — roughly the size of Japan — continues to thrive. A visit to the largest living structure on Earth remains an experience of a lifetime.

Over the past couple of years, coral has regenerated and local scientists have developed innovative ways to foster coral growth both in and out of the water.

Johnny Gaskell and his team have been propagating coral in nurseries built within the marine park, and also in custom-built tanks where the corals spend four to five months growing before being planted back into damaged reef sites.

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We capture the pure joy of discovering the pleasures the world has to offer—from art and design to shopping and style to food and wine. Whether the experience is in print or digital, T+L offers compelling reasons to get up and go.

17 Best Places To Visit In Australia & The Pacific Islands - Travel Video

It's no surprise that many people choose to backpack across Oceania, which is a continent made up of Australia, New Zealand, and numerous other Pacific Ocean islands. There are many amazing places to explore and new cultures to discover due to its numerous tropical and exotic locations. Oceania's countries benefit from stunning scenery. New Zealand's landscapes are extremely diverse, ranging from rugged coastlines to dense areas of lush forest. Many hikers enjoy the intensive walks that wind through New Zealand's countryside.

Australia is covered in desert and outback terrain that is ideal for off-roading. On one of the Great Ocean Road tours, you can also see Australia's famous beaches. Fiji, one of Oceania's other islands, is dotted with volcanoes that many people choose to hike up. Oceania still has a thriving indigenous population, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Maori people, who arrived in New Zealand around 1,000 years ago, make up about 14 percent of the population. The indigenous people of Australia are known as Aborigines. These communities are important to the cultures of both countries, and you will have the chance to learn about their traditions and customs while traveling.

This Australia and The Pacific Islands travel guide will provide you the most amazing places to visit in the pacific. The beautiful places in the Pacific includes Auckland, Gold Coast, Kangaroo Island, Vanuata, Queenstown, Melbourne, Wellington, Sunshine Coast, Whitsunday Islands, Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, Fiji, Tasmania, Bora Bora, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Tahiti and South Island.


00:00 Intro
02:07 Auckland
03:10 Gold Coast
04:00 Kangaroo Island
04:46 Vanuata
05:35 Queenstown
06:31 Melbourne
07:21 Wellington
08:09 Sunshine Coast
08:55 Whitsunday Islands
09:43 Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park
10:31 Fiji
11:12 Tasmania
11:54 Bora Bora
12:41 Great Barrier Reef
13:24 Sydney
14:13 Tahiti
14:56 South Island

11 Sinking Cities could Disappear by 2100

11 Sinking Cities could Disappear by 2100

Global temperatures and sea levels are rising. Low-lying coastal cities are already experiencing devastating floods and working to come up with creative solutions to combat rising tides.

Some cities are sinking due to increasing sea levels slowly encroaching on their coasts, while others are sinking because of excessive groundwater pumping that creates a change in pressure and volume that causes land to sink.

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The Carteret Islands

The Carteret Islands

KIRIBATI : a drowning islands of South Pacific

A documentary film showing the effect of climate change in the island of Kiribati in South Pacific

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Global Warming and the Carteret Islands

The people of the Carteret Islands are about to make history, as they begin to leave their island to find a new home. Rising seas are making their atoll uninhabitable making land too salty to grow food and by gradually wasing the beaches on the small, sandy isalnds. When a suaitable home can be found they will start to leave. They are getting by now with the help of shipments of free rice from the Autonamous government of Bougainville.

top 10 sinking cities in the world - idolpath #sinking #top10 #underwater #danger #city #disappear

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Volcanocafe: Volcanoes Can Cause Tsunamis - La Palma Erupts in Spain Sept 2021 Puebla, Mexico

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