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COSTA RICA Travel Guide: Know Before You Go


COSTA RICA Travel Guide: Know Before You Go

Travel Well in Costa Rica with our essential know-before-you-go tips! In our final episode of the series, we share what to pack, the best places to visit and insight on language, currency and how to get around safely. If you want to see more of Costa Rica be sure to watch our three travel guide episodes highlighting San Jose, Tortuguero, Rio Celeste, La Fortuna, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio. ++ Our Mexico series kicks off next week so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

The tour we were on:
???? Classic Costa Rica

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Costa Rica: What to Know Before You Visit Costa Rica

Heading to Costa Rica and not sure what to expect? Well, here are things you need to know before you head to Costa Rica, whether you are heading to Jaco, Arenal, San Jose, or Manuel Antonio. We talk about driving in Costa Rica, the Food in Costa Rica, Accommodation, and attractions in Costa Rica.
Everything you need to know about a Costa Rica vacation.
Filmed in Costa Rica
Copyright Mark Wolters 2020

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Top 9 Costa Rica Travel Tips - Know Before You Go!

To see ALL our Top Costa Rica Travel Tips click here:

Our latest 9 Top Costa Rica Travel tips come directly from the experts themselves (and our COO - can you spot him?) at the Costa Rican Vacations office party!These are some key travel tips for Costa Rica to make the most out of your Costa Rica experience.
If you have more questions you would like answering please post them in the comments box below! Or ASK RODO in our travel guide!



Costa Rica Vacations
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Tel: + 1 800 606 1860

Things You Need To Know Before You Go To Costa Rica 2021 - 2022

Update October 14, 2021: Starting December 1, 2021, the Covid-19 vaccine will be a requirement to partake in some activities and enter many businesses in Costa Rica. See Link:

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If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica soon then this video is for you. We provide 9 things you need to know to help make your planning smoother. Information changes rapidly so we’ve also included links below where you can find out more.

This video explains the Entry requirements as well as a few other important tips. Topics include:
• The Costa Rican required Health Pass
• Travel Insurance
• Entry requirements upon arrival
• Mask requirements
• Other restrictions including business hours and capacity
• Departing Costa Rica and getting into your own country
• Car Rentals
• Cell Phone tips
• Money exchange and currency

Important Links for more information:

Official tourism Website that has information + links to appropriate government websites:

Health Pass Link:
Costa Rica insurance companies: These companies are pre-approved by the Costa Rican government:
BlueCross BlueShield:

Tico Times Newspaper has up to date information:
Costa Rica's entry requirements during Covid-19 : (

List of COVID testing facilities: Where to get a coronavirus test in Costa Rica : (

Canadian Citizens Returning to Canada: Entering Canada by land and air during COVID-19 -

US Citizens Returning to the US: COVID-19 Traveler Information (

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COSTA RICA Travel Guide 2021 | Know Before You Go

Hello beautiful people! Travel Well in Costa Rica with this essential know-before-you-go tips! I share what to pack, the best places to visit and insight on language, currency and how to get around safely in Costa Rica. If you want to see more of Costa Rica be sure to watch my last two solo travel vlogs!

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➥ Casa Luna Hotel in La Fortuna:
➥ Rio Celeste Guided Hike:
➥ Zipline + Rafting Tour:
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Costa Rica Travel Guide: What You Need to Know! ????????????✈️

A place with rugged, dense and diverse rainforests, warm yet refreshing tropical climate year round with the most beautiful, pristine beaches known to man! No, this place isn't fictional, this place is a tiny country in Central America, called Costa rica! In This video we will tell you everything you need to know, before going to visit this little piece of heaven on Earth!

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Costa Rica Travel Guide: What You Need to Know! ????????????✈️
Costa Rica Travel Guide: What You Need to Know! ????????????✈️
Costa Rica Travel Guide: What You Need to Know! ????????????✈️

EVERYTHING You NEED To Know Visiting Costa Rica 2022

In this Costa Rica travel guide we address many subjects including things to see and do in Costa Rica as well as answer whether Costa Rica is Safe. We also discuss food and even talk about the Pacific or Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a diverse country with many animals and biodiversity from north to south. If you plan to go Visit Costa Rica in 2022 then this things to know about Costa Rica travel guide will assist you with your travel plans.

#CostaRica #VisitCostaRica #TravelGuide

Island Hopper TV takes you around the world to the premiere travel destinations. Our virtual travel guides from across America to Asia, Europe and Australia have assisted many world travelers in educating themselves on their next destination to travel or even vacation.

Top Tips For Traveling In Costa Rica! | Planning your first visit

Costa Rica is a wonderful country with friendly people, beautiful beaches and amazing jungle and wildlife. But bring your smarts, to avoid problems.

1. Beach,educational,wildlife, relaxing, cultural. You should prioritize, spiritual
It is good to think about what you want to get out of the trip, there are so many options. Learn to make pottery the traditional way, make tortillas, pick and grind coffee. See sloths etc
2. Which airport? Liberia or San Jose (Juan Santamaria)
There are 2 airports, Liberia (LIR) and San Jose (SJO). Both are clean and efficient and eye wateringly expensive food drink and souvenirs. Neither town has much to offer. At a push there is an interesting half day tour in San Jose, but only really if you need to fill your time. Best to get to your first nights accommodation if you can, rather than a night in an airport hotel
3. The people
In general the people are friendly and welcoming to visitors. You should take time to make some new friends. But just be aware there is an element out there looking to take
advantage and earn money out of you unfairly
4. Seeing the animals and sea life- rainforest walk, boat trip. Stay quiet
In the last month, doing no tours and just staying in my little town I have seen turtles, humpback whales, sharks, crocodiles, sloths, monkeys, iguanas, mapaches. Costa Rica has incredibly plentiful and diverse wildlife. When you are booking a wildlife tour, ask the guide what they have seen in the last few days. Stay quiet, it is not a zoo so if you make noise the animals will go away.
5. Car rental
Book well in advance, research if you need to pay the CDW or if it is covered on your card. They will try to sell it to you
6. Petty theft
Be aware of petty theft, don’t leave things in the car, on the beach, watch your wallet and phone
7. Packlightly,leave expensive jewelry at home
You won’t be dressing for dinner often, so pack lightly, a carry on bag should be enough. Light cottons are great. Leave the

jewelry at home, otherwise it will be a stress if you are leaving it in your car/hotel room.
8. Internal ‘puddle jumper’ flights are great
Take advantage of the great network of local 12 seater puddle jumper planes. Very good and reasonably priced. They use San Jose as a hub. A 5 hour drive is a 30 minute flight. Luggage limits
9. Use airbnbs and small local hotels
There are some beautiful chain hotels such as Four Seasons and Marriott, but try to get the local experience, small hotels and airbnbs. The all inclusives really seal your off in a bubble, get out and experience the local flavor
10.Each beach town is completely different to the next
Research your beaches carefully. Each one has its own unique flavor. Some you need a car, some you don't. Some black beaches some white, surf or no, rocky or swimming beach
11. It is hot
From 11am to 3pm it is hot hot hot. If you have activities, plan them for early or late in the day. Bring lots of water and sunscreen
Video 11- Why do so many expats leave?

Video 10- Blue Zones
Video 9
8. The Buying Process
7. Financing in Costa Rica

6- Is Costa Rica overpriced?

5. How To Generate Income In Costa Rica
4. Top 10 Don’ts in Costa Rica
3. Insider guide to the real cost of living
2. 8 things I wish I had known before buying in Costa Rica

1. How To Travel To Costa Rica During Covid 19| Entry Requirements and What Life Is REALLY Like Here!

Things You Should Know Before You Go To Costa Rica

Going to Costa Rica? Don't go until you watch this video. We have some very useful tips that will help you save money and enjoy your trip that much more.

Costa Rica is an amazing and beautiful country but as with all countries you travel to, you find out things a little too late and wish you knew before you went the secrets to that country.


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Top 5 Costa Rica Mistakes - Know Before You Go!

Top 5 Mistakes to avoid when booking your Costa Rica Vacation. FREE Costa Rica travel info:
Frog TV brings you the top 5 mistakes that many people make when booking thier trip down here to Costa Rica. Check out the list so that you can make the most out of your valuable vacation time.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Vacation to Costa Rica
Welcome to Frog TV – I’m Adam Baker
Let’s Stop and THINK for a moment! What are the 5 Top Mistakes to AVOID when booking your vacation to Costa Rica!
In at Number 1 – Biggest Mistake Not booking with a Local in-country Travel Agent!
Be very wary of large travel sites as they team up with the big all-inclusive resorts to get as many sales as they can for income. The problem with this - is that they promote deals for sales over client experience. We highly recommend moving away from the all-inclusive options and experience the boutique hotels that offer far better service and value for money.
When using online sites you can expect inaccurate information, doctored pictures, inaccurate reviews and poor descriptions. But the biggest thing is the lack of customer service! With online travel sites and local US agents they cannot help you if things go awry when on vacation. You can try and solve an issue but you may well be on hold for hours, eating away at your valuable vacation time.

We have none of these problems. When booking your trip we encourage you to ask us as many questions as you can – so your trip really is perfect for you. Take advantage of the human factor. And if you have an issue in country our 24/7 travel experience team are always there.

In at Number 2 - Staying at only 1 destination or staying at too many! You only have a week so don’t waste it by staying at one hotel! Costa Rica has so much to offer. However on the flip side - do not try and fit too much in to see it all! Costa Rica will be here again for a repeat visit.
Our general rule is 2 destinations for 7 days, 3 destinations, for 9 to 11 days and 4 to 5 destinations for up to 2 weeks.

For Number 3 - Avoid Traveling during the ‘High Season’.
You’ll find traveling here during the high season is extremely hot and dry and very busy! It even rains more on the Caribbean side and around the Arenal Volcano- the adventure capitol. So if you can try to travel during the transition months – April to June and October to December. Plus the prices are lower as well!

In at Number 4 - Comparing it to Mexico or Hawaii!
Don’t expect the same kind of experience. Get out of your comfort zone. There are so many things to do away from the hotels and resorts. Costa Rica is a country to be seen and explored. With a great number of tours and destinations. And remember you cannot stay at the beach and visit the volcano in a day. Costa Rica is not an island like Hawaii so it’s worth splitting your trip up. Tourism plays a big role in Costa Rica, so the service is excellent and the people friendly and welcoming.

Finally for Number 5 – Avoid Waiting till the last minute to book your trip! BIG, big error. Every year Costa Rica is becoming more and more popular. The hotels book up fast especially the better ones. So if you want your first pick aim to book around 6-8 months in advance. This way you may well find better deals on airfare as well as hotels. And if you can try to avoid Christmas it’s the busiest 2 weeks of the year and the costs sky rocket!

So there we go – our Top 5 Mistakes to avoid when booking your vacation to Costa Rica. Of course it goes without saying that the 6th mistake would be not booking with us! So click here to start your dream journey with Costa Rican Vacations! If you’re not convinced just yet check out our testimonials page as we’re very proud of the memories we’ve created.
Please subscribe for more Frog TV - I’m Adam Baker and I’ll be seeing you soon!
Hasta la Proxima!

Top 5 Things to do in Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast (Travel Guide)

With this video I introduce you to the top things to do on Costa Ricas Pacific Coast - a great resource for your own trip!
➸ My Costa Rica guide:

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The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers a wide range of Highlights that define the country as a dream destination. From green jungles with waterfalls and raging rivers to numerous beautiful beaches and an enormous variety of wildlife.

During my 4 week lasting trip through Costa Rica I spent the majority of my time in this part of the country. After joining an active tour that focused on rafting, hiking and local living, I got to explore the Pacific Coast from Santa Teresa all the way down to Uvita independently. Besides surfing I used my time to visit a few national parks along the way and enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere in the smaller beach villages a bit off the tourist route.

Things to do in Costa Rica as shown in this episode:
- Santa Teresa
- Montezuma
- Mal Pais
- Manuel Antonio National Park
- Dominical
- Rio Savegre
- Uvita
- Marino Ballena National Park

▸ insurance
▸ packing list
▸ Online Language Course


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Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips 2021

Check out MORE things to do in Costa Rica here:

For FrogTV Adam Baker brings you his essential Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips for 2021!
It is the perfect way to plan your Costa Rican Vacation for 2021 to this tropical paradise.

Check it out for the best travel tips - Here is our List:

00:25 1. Visit a Rainforest or Cloud Forest Reserve
01:28 2. Visit the Arenal Volcano
02:18 3. Do an Adventure Tour
02:54 4. Visit a Costa Rica Beach in Guanacaste
03:52 5. Try Local Costa Rica Coffee
04:24 6. Eat Like a Local
05:25 7. Discover the Wildlife

Presented & Directed by Adam Baker
Edited by Pablo Franceschi
Shot by Brayan Mendez

What To Know Before You Travel To Costa Rica 2021 | MUST WATCH

What to know before traveling to Costa Rica 2021. As certain destinations has its certain restrictions, I felt that it was necessary to provide you all with imperative information as it regards your travel to Costa Rica.

Important information as follows...

Health pass:

Travel insurance:

Download: Rappi ( for your one stop shop)

Costa Rica Travel Guide - Top 10 Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise filled with dense jungle, massive volcanoes, and some of the best surfing in the world. We are sharing the best Costa Rica Travel Guide to hotspots like La Fortuna, Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, Uvita, and Corcovado National Park which is the most biologically intense place on earth. Costa Rica is a short flight from the United States which is why so many remote workers are heading down to this tropical paradise! WOOT WOOT

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Costa Rica Travel Tips 2021

Planning a trip to Costa Rica? Here are some tips from my recent trip in 2021 to help you have a better experience. Here are the time stamps for each tip in the video:

0:57 - Summer weather and crowds
1:55 - Travel During the Pandemic
2:20 - COVID Safety 2021
2:52 - Know Before You Go: Cell phone service & What's App, Car Insurance
4:00 - Car rentals
4:56 - Should You Rent a Car?
7:08 - Use Waze, Not Google Maps
7:50 - Seeing Wildlife
9:00 - Where to Stay
10:44 - Booking Tours
12:04 - Costs/Prices
13:00 - Cleanliness
13:36 - Food
15:12 - Take Insect Repellent
15:43 - Types of Activities

Also, being healthy and in shape will allow you to experience the country SO much better! From hiking to ziplining to time at the beach. Want to get ready for your trip? Learn more about my fitness and nutrition coaching at or email me at

Music credit:

Costa Rica Travel Guide 4K

We went to Costa Rica for three weeks. This is the ultimate Costa Rica travel guide. In those three weeks we went all across Costa Rica from inland cloud forests to Pacific Ocean beaches across Costa Rica to the Caribbean side. We saw many waterfalls, wild animals, sunsets and met unique people everywhere. Costa Rica is certainly one of the top places in the world to visit and explore. Today we will show you why.

#CostaRica #RoadTrip #TravelGuide

Moments in Costa Rica

0:00 Intro
0:57 Arriving in San Jose
1:58 Explore La Fortuna
3:41 Hot Springs at Arenal
4:47 Rio Celeste and Volcano
6:52 Tamarindo
8:00 Nicoya Peninsula
10:40 Tortuga Island
11:08 Crossing on Car Ferry to Punta Arenas
11:28 Jaco
12:20 Crocodiles
13:20 Uvita
14:49 Dominical
16:50 Glamping
17:58 Manuel Antonio
19:20 Mountain Drive to Quetzales National Park
20:46 Eco Lodge in the Forest
23:38 Caribbean side of Costa Rica

Island Hopper TV takes you around the world to the premiere travel destinations. Our virtual travel guides from across America to Asia, Europe and Australia have assisted many world travelers in educating themselves on their next destination to travel or even vacation.


During our adventure in Costa Rica, we learned a few things that you will need to know before you travel there. Make sure you watch this video so you can enjoy your trip and see some amazing beaches, forests, and wildlife!

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For more Info and adventures on Costa Rica check out these videos:
9 Must Do's Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano Part 1
Arenal Volcano Part 2
Monte Verde Cloud Forest
Tamarindo Beautiful Beaches
Liberia Safari
Costa Rica A Love Story

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WATCH BEFORE YOU GO! 2021 Costa Rica Travel Guide to San Jose |Restaurants nightlife testing & more!

♡ ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ♡

I always get questions about my trip to Costa Rica so I figured I’d just film this video about my stay there! I do plan on making a separate video about my stay in Jaco, Costa Rica so stay tuned for that.

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???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????
I used Uber

*I just heard they stopped the Airbnb referral program :(

???????????????????????? ???? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????

???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????

???????????????????????????????????????????? ???? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????
Jireh Delicias (Breakfast)
La Esquina De Buenos Aires (Dinner)
El Social (Bar)
Jardín de Lolita

???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????
Tin Jo Asian Restaurant
Nuestra Tierra
Pasta Pronto Express y Catering

???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? | ????????????????????????????????????
Antik Nightclub
La Concha De La Lora (Reggae + Dancehall vibes & more)

???????????????????????????? ???????????????????? | ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????

???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????


???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????.
(???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????)

0:00 Intro
1:06 Important Travel Tip
1:30 Arriving To Costa Rica/ Entry
3:10 Covid Testing
3:28 Transportation
4:36 Accommodation
7:04 Restaurants I Went To
9:17 Night Clubs/ Nightlife
9:54 Activities

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Costa Rica on a budget. Detailed travel cost break down and full itinerary | Two weeks trip

In this video we break down cost, expenses and itinerary of our 2 week trip, which might give you ideas and tips for your own trip.

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Our Costa Rica travel video:
Our Costa Rica diving:

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Trip details:
- Alajuela

- Poas Volcano

- La Fortuna

We booked our adventures with Erick

Our zipline experience

Canyoning/rappelling with Jairo and David (Maquique Adventure)

- Mistico Hanging Bridges

- Rio Celeste

- Rio Naranjo

- Playa Flamingo

Diving at Islas Santa Catalina

- Monteverde

- Santa Elena Cloud Forest

- Cerros Amigos

- Quepos

- Osa Peninsula
Bolita Rainforest Hostel

- Drake Bay

Diving at Isla Del Cano

- Platanillo

- Nauyaca Falls

- Alajuela

Don't Visit Costa Rica Until You Watch This

Costa Rica is not cheap but this SCAM makes it even more expensive for tourists. We hope our Costa Rica travel tips help save money and keep you on your toes! Please don't judge an entire country for the small scams that go on here. Costa Rica is one of the most epic tropical countries you can visit close to the United States. Make sure to check out the rest of our Costa Rica videos WOOT WOOT

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