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Acropolis & Parthenon - Athens Walking Tour 4K - with Captions!

This walking tour of Acropolis was filmed on Friday July 9th, 2021 starting at For the best experience, be sure to turn on closed captions [CC] and wear headphones ???? as you watch this tour.

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0:00 Drone intro and Map
5:11 Theater of Dionysus
12:58 Odeon of Herodes Atticus
19:15 Propylaia (Acropolis Entrance)
22:16 Parthenon
1:01:13 Roman Agora
1:03:53 Tower of the Winds
1:09:24 Hadrian's Library
1:19:27 The Athenian Agora
1:41:43 Temple of Hephaestus
1:53:03 Apostolou Pavlou Street

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